Applying Innovation to GSE

July 28, 2021

JBT works in a variety of ways to innovate new solutions for our customers. Innovative ideas can come from many places including customer feedback and interviews, site reviews or audits, technology advancements and good old fashioned brainstorming exercises. These can all result in innovative solutions that can improve safety, efficiency and integration into other systems just to name a few. All resulting in more customer success.

Many of these ideas must work not only within a user’s preferences but be compliant with the many standards bodies that exist and on occasion new technologies push past existing ideas. One way JBT solves this is by being actively involved in these standards organization to have a voice at the table and ensure a viable path to a production environment exists. JBT also encourages anyone interested in participating in those groups to reach out to them or we can help put you in contact to bring your ideas to the table as well.

On the safety front, JBT looks at an entire vehicle life -- from production, training, operations, service & maintenance and storage.  On the manufacturing and engineering side, we look to design parts that can be cost effectively fabricated but can also be installed on units in the best possible way. Creating easy access to planned service items can help with assembly but also down the road at a customer site when a filter needs to be changed or a setting adjusted. Adding safety stands or tie down points to be on the units allows for use in production and the field environment. On larger parts, many times a new technique may be needed to install or maintain a safe state during production. This can result in fixtures or tools that can then be shared with our field service teams and customer to make sure everyone stays safe when working on equipment or when refurbishment may be desired 15 to 20 years down the road. Once a unit is in the hands of a customer it is important for proper training to occur for the users and maintenance teams. JBT is able to provide training at customer sites, JBT facilities and online as well. All of this can then be used in conjunction with the operation and maintenance manuals that JBT provides. When new ideas can also be applied to existing equipment, they are offered as upgrade kits through our aftermarket teams.