Ramper Innovations Unveils TISABAS at 2018 GSE Expo

Sept. 25, 2018
TISABAS is a compact motorized conveyor belt system that mechanically moves baggage and cargo within the belly of the aircraft.

Sitka, Alaska (September 25, 2018) ― Ramper Innovations announced that its newest product, TISABAS, will be showcased at the 2018 International Airport GSE Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. TISABAS is a compact motorized conveyor belt system that mechanically moves baggage and cargo within the belly of the aircraft thereby eliminating the need to manually throw heavy baggage, mail and cargo the length of the aircraft. Its purpose is to save airline and ground support companies money through a reduction in ramp agent injuries and damage to aircraft, bags and cargo.

The TISABAS product was created by Ramper Innovations founder Tim Fulton. After over 38 years as an airline baggage handler and ramp agent, he set out to create a product to safely and efficiently move bags and cargo and help reduce agent injuries. The existing process of loading and unloading baggage and cargo is taxing on a ramp agent’s back because it involves throwing or sliding objects in the belly of an aircraft. This causes significant risk of bodily injuries as well as damage to aircraft, bags and cargo. TISABAS, which is named for Tim Saves Backs, is designed to minimize the physical demands on ramp agents without eliminating their jobs. It adds a compact conveyor system inside the belly of the aircraft.

“Ramper Innovations is thrilled to showcase TISABAS at the 2018 GSE Expo,” said Fulton. “I have used my nearly 40 years of experience in the airline industry to invent a product that improves the safety and work conditions of my fellow ramp agents while not replacing their jobs. TISABAS is designed to speed up the loading and unloading process as well as being compact, easy to use, efficient and affordable.”

TISABAS works seamlessly with existing airline equipment and the process for unloading and loading narrow bodied aircraft. TISABAS is separate from but secured on a belt loader and is moved into the belly after the belt loader is safely positioned at the aircraft. The sections are folded out as unloading goes further back into the belly. When each section goes flat the belts are engaged. Once the aircraft is offloaded, TISABAS is positioned for the on-load. As the belly hold fills, the sections are folded up accordion style and the belting stops as the folding begins. With the hold full and TISABAS back in its original rectangular shape, it is moved back onto the belt loader.

TISABAS is available for demonstrations at the GSE EXPO in booth #955 and is slated for full scale production in early 2019.