SkyCell Offers Product Loss Insurance on All Shipments

April 9, 2019

Zurich, Switzerland, April 8 2019 - SkyCell is introducing a comprehensive insurance against product loss called “Peace of Mind Insurance”. In order to eliminate the risk of product loss for its clients, the Swiss-based manufacturer of the world’s safest temperature-controlled containers for pharmaceuticals is providing a hassle-free insurance add-on with coverage of up to US$ 4 Million per container. Backed by a multinational commercial insurance company, SkyCell is the only provider of pharma containers to offer such a defacto temperature performance guarantee for the transport of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals.

Common practice today is that all players in the pharma supply chain - freight forwarders, airlines and packaging companies exclude any financial responsibility in case of temperature excursion. This leaves all the risk with the pharma manufacturer. SkyCell’s new “Peace of Mind Insurance” add-on closes this gap.

“We want to give all our clients a peace of mind when shipping their sensitive pharmaceuticals and to stop worrying about temperature excursions. On top of providing them with the safest pharma containers in the market, our “Peace of Mind Insurance” systematically eliminates the financial impact of product loss,” said Richard Ettl, CEO of SkyCell. It’s impeccable and audited track record enables SkyCell to get coverage of up to US$ 4 Million product value per container.

With the award-winning and quality audited performance of its temperature-controlled pharma containers, SkyCell is constantly pushing for innovation and better services for its clients. For every shipment, SkyCell experts use the SkyCell Transport Planner’s risk assessment to define lane SOPs together with the shipper, freight forwarder and airlines, producing a comprehensive lane risk analysis even for shipments to remote destinations. “Our SkyCell Transport Planner helps us to identify the risks, mitigate them and insure them.  With our new insurance offering, we want our clients not to have the slightest doubt about the safe transport of their valuable cargo anymore. This is an absolute novelty in our business” said Marrie Groeneveld, Chief Commercial Officer at SkyCell. 

SkyCell’s outstanding quality was just recently verified by one of the Big Four international audit companies. In their study, the auditors scrutinized and audited all SkyCell shipment results of the last 12 months. According to the results of the study, temperature excursions happened only during 0.1 percent of the transports with a SkyCell container.

SkyCell is a leading manufacturer of temperature-controlled containers for pharmaceuticals, offering the safest logistics service within the pharmaceuticals industry. 14 of the 20 largest pharmaceutical manufacturers globally have independently validated the service offering of SkyCell and implemented its usage into their supply chain. In only six years, SkyCell became the fourth largest container company and has the largest fleet of Internet of Things plugged-in containers in the world for the shipment of temperature controlled pharmaceutical products by air.