Clyde’s Emphasis on Cargo Dollies

March 17, 2022

Perhaps overlooked on the ramp, the cargo dolly’s role in meeting cargo demand is crucial.

“It is a critically important piece of equipment in moving containers from aircraft to warehouse and vice versa,” notes Chad Barsness, president at Clyde Machines.

Clyde’s line of cargo dollies, including the Model 15F3570, helps enable these functions.

The Model 15F3570 offers a cargo capacity of 15,000 pounds. Its trailer capacity is capable of handling LD1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 29 containers as well as 88”x125”, 96”x125” and 88”x108” pallets.

“Customers really like the Model 15F3570 as it has all of the container lock configurations built into the dolly,” Barsness says.

It offers a recessed frame to protect customer markings, tow-bar actuated self-adjusting rear brakes, dual front-wheel swivel casters with rigid dual rear wheels and an E-type spring loaded hitch, among other features.

“We integrated caster protection plates and forklift tine ways into the structure of the main frame weldment. This was done based on feedback from customers trying to keep their maintenance costs down,” Barsness adds. “We are continuously working to improve current designs based on customer feedback and continue to innovate.”

As the industry shifts toward electric vehicles, Clyde officials are focused on keeping the weight of the dolly as low as possible to facilitate transport without compromising the durability and lifecycle of the dolly, itself.

The Model 15F3570 is part of Clyde’s line of cargo pallet trailers that also includes the Model 15F3680, Model 15F3580, Model 15F2710 and Model 15F3285.

“The main difference is container stop options and caster protection options,” says Barsness. “We also offer roller bed and caster bed options as well.”

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