Air France Honors Charlatte Autonom's CE Certified AT 135 Tractor During the Skyteam Sustainable Flight Challenge

May 10, 2022
Charlatte Autonom, a joint-venture between Navya and Charlatte Manutention, was chosen by Air France to demonstrate an innovative and sustainable project for its “Skyteam Sustainable Flight Challenge” participation.

VILLEURBANNE, France--()--Charlatte Autonom, a joint-venture between Navya and Charlatte Manutention, was chosen by Air France to demonstrate an innovative and sustainable project for its “Skyteam Sustainable Flight Challenge” participation.

From May 1-14, 2022, the “Skyteam Sustainable Flight Challenge” is here to increase the rate of innovation and to enhance their most sustainable flights.

In this context Air France operated the AF342 flight from Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Montreal with the objective to halve its CO2 emissions. Charlatte Autonom was selected by Air France as a key player in the innovation of the baggage delivery logistics process.

The Charlatte Autonom solution represents a solution for the future to move towards ever more intelligent, secure and connected airports. It also allows significant gains in terms of security of people and goods and the operational and economic efficiency of baggage flow.

First deployment of the Autonom Tract CE certified in an airport environment

This first deployment of the AT 135 CE autonomous driving solution was operated under the technical and safety conditions for an airport experimentation. It has enabled stakeholders to demonstrate its operability in an airport environment with high levels of co-activity, to characterize its performance and to compare its technology with the operational context of existing baggage flows.

This implementation of the CE certified Autonom Tract marks a key step towards the future achievement of level 4 autonomy (without operator on board).

Remy Delabeye, head of ground support equipment and vehicles division, Air France, said: “As a player in the environmental transition, Air France is committed to a demanding approach with the objective of achieving carbon neutrality for ground operations by 2030. The Skyteam Sustainable Flight Challenge enables to associate our partners and customers to be involved in a virtuous and ambitious approach. Among our innovative partners, we have selected Charlatte Autonom with its Autonom Tract 135 CE solution, which ensures fully reliable routes and flows, significantly reduces the risk of accidents and simplifies maintenance operations and costs.”

Bastien Devaux, CEO, Charlatte Manutention, said: We would like to thank Air France for their confidence in our ambitious projects, which have been renewed year after year for over 30 years. We are proud to contribute to the major advances in air transport through our autonomous tractor technologies, which make baggage handling more reliable and secure under particularly demanding conditions."

Sophie Desormière, CEO, Navya, said: “We are very pleased to represent the only autonomous tractor solution selected by Air France in the Skyteam Sustainable Flight Challenge. Our solution has been delivered through our JJ with our partner Charlatte Manutention.It demonstrates the importance of automated logistics in future developments within the aviation industry, which must rely on an increasingly innovative and eco-responsible airport ecosystem."