Your Guide To A $347.5 Million Market

Aug. 24, 2014
Expansion, upgrades of existing airports, and technology advancements are all expected to increase the demand for the GSE market.

We recently posted a report that pegged the GSE market at $347.5 million this year and which also forecast the market to grow to almost $457 million in another five years.

Different designs and airframes made of composites could force ground service providers into alternative processes and equipment while improvements in aircraft design and related aviation equipment could improve efficiency and, therefore, reduce the cost of doing business.

If you’re planning on adding to your inventory – big or small, new or used, parts and pieces – keep this print issue nearby. By my last count, there should be 324 names of manufacturers and service providers that will be glad to help you make your next GSE purchase. And to help you narrow it down, we’ve provided an index with 23 product categories, from “Air Starts & Accessories to “GPUs, PCAs, Power Carts & Accessories” and from “Military” to “Vehicle Lifts & Maintenance.”

You’ll also find more buying information online with our Buyer’s Guide at Plus, we’ll soon turn this issue into our next edition of our new digital magazine, “Ground Service Provider”