Five Products We Saw At AviationPros LIVE

April 21, 2014
Two-day event also included the announcement of the winners of our annual Ground Support Leaders awards.

More than 1,500 people attended AviationPros LIVE 2014 at the Sands Convention and Expo Center, Las Vegas, NV, to check out product displayed by 118 exhibitors. Here are just some highlights we liked during our booth visits.

Harlan Global

Harlan had an eye-catching green lithium-ion/diesel hybrid, Freedom Hybrid Model HLH that was currently undergoing testing with an airline at Singapore Airport. Around one-hour of diesel could borrow the batteries for a full-shift. The unit could be also used for pushback of small aircraft with an optional package

The company was also touting an novel way of recharging electric GSE. The OLEV Wireless Power Transfer Systems for electric vehicles allows the electric equipment to charge when stationary without any operator training or interaction with the system. The OLEV system charging pads can be installed under pavement for a completely transparent power solution.

We've read more about lately, particularly on posts to our magazine's LinkedIn Group. Basically, the in-ground charging pads can be installed flush with grade. Underground cables connect with a power inverter OLEV was named one of the 50 Best Inventions of the Year 2010 by the Time Magazine and the “Top 10 Emerging Technologies for 2013” by the World Economic Forum.

Iscar GSE

Iscar displayed a couple of producst new to the its lineup. The first was a Lav Service Cart LSC-250. The heavy-duty construction featured a lower profile operators platform, and flow meters and dump flows positioned more ergomincally. Also on display was the E28, a 28.5 V DC power unit generator. the raid-start and pick-up are builtin specifically for cold operation. But several feature make the unit particular easy to maintain. Removable panels and doors provide easy access to engine and generator components. A removable control panel make troubleshooting and repairs simple. A "service engine" switch allow the low-noise unit to operate with generating any power.

ITW Global GSE

ITW Global GSE, displayed the Hobart PoWerMaster® 2400, the division's next generation of 400 Hz solid state frequency converters ideal for all types of aircraft.

The Hobart PoWerMaster® 2400 will be the only solid state converter on the market with an overload capacity of 400%. This new generation of converters is designed to ensure overload requirements are not a concern for the new aircraft coming on the market today. In addition to the substantial overload, the Hobart PoWerMaster® 2400 offers a true power factor of 1 that provides 90 kW continuous at an ambient temperature of +132 º F. This means the solid state frequency converter can be used on aircraft of virtually any size, including the latest generation of aircraft such as the Airbus A380, A350, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the upcoming B777.

The Hobart PoWerMaster® 2400 is constructed in a modular style, affording users an easy and quick overview of all components for ease of operation and faultfinding. The Hobart PoWerMaster® 2400 has numerous features allowing easy connection to communication systems.

This latest solid state frequency converter includes patented technology, Plug & Play that provides a perfect regulation and a steady voltage at the aircraft plug. An added feature is the newly designed display featuring icons for easy and intuitive use.

Page Industries

Page Industries’ new PCA610 PCAir connector is the ultimate connector on the market today.  The PAGE 8” Nylon composite PCAir connector comes standard with a field replaceable SNAP-IN  gasket (no caustic glue, scrapping or cure time), internal spinning ring to eliminated twists in the hose, built-in FOD screen,  and incorporates the largest internal diameter of any connector to provide maximum air flow to the aircraft.  Also a first to the GSE industry, PAGE’s revolutionary design has easy to use “TWIST ON/OFF” technology utilizing a slot filled design with a robust internal modular latching mechanism that ensures a positive connection to the aircraft.  No other PCAir connector offers all of the elements which make the PCA610 the premier connector in the world.

The company also announced their exclusive agreement with IGS/Wauben Aviation. PAGE now promotes for commercial and military applications IGS’s complete array of fuel, power and air In-Ground pits along with 400 Hz cable crocodiles. The new deal follows an announcement a month before the show that FCX Systems, had entered into an exclusive agreement with PAGE Industries. This agreement allows PAGE to market and sell the FCX 400 Hz, 270V DC and 28V DC full product line to both the commercial and military markets. FCX and PAGE, encompassing more than 60 years of combined experience in the GSE industry.


Wasp Inc. introduced a versatile New Standard Dolly to replace multiple dollies with various capacities.

“With the New Standard Dolly, customers get the high quality WASP is known for at a value price,” WASP President and CEO Dane Anderson said. “Its versatility adds even more value by maximizing equipment utilization and worker efficiency.”

WASP optimized the industrial design of the New Standard Dolly for its manufacturing process so it can build the equipment with more stock steel sizes and components and reduce labor costs. Because of that, the company can manufacture and hold units in inventory for quick fulfillment.

“With the New Standard Dolly, customers get the high quality WASP is known for at a value price,” WASP President and CEO Dane Anderson said. “Its versatility adds even more value by maximizing equipment utilization and worker efficiency.”

The New Standard Dolly has a 15,000-pound (6,804-kilogramg) capacity and the versatility to carry LD-2, LD-3, LD-4 and LD-11 containers, as well as two LD-2 or LD-3 containers at a time. It also takes half pallets, 88-by-125-inch (224-by-318-centimeter) pallets and 96-by-125-inch (244-by-318-centimeter) pallets. LD stops and vertical restraints throughout the unit firmly lock containers in place.

The unit’s heavy-duty steel frame, Grade 5 zinc hardware and 69 high-load-capacity casters minimize in-the-field failures. Drain holes in the steel decking on either side of every caster allow water to travel through rather than collecting and tarnishing or freezing and obstructing the casters. The formed decking is boxed to make the unit as strong as possible.

Tineways between the casters allow forklift operators to place containers and pallets on the dolly and remove them. If needed, the tineways double as a non-slip walkway so operators can safely walk on the dolly to push containers. 

WASP’s integrated towbar is spring loaded to prevent it from hitting the ground when dropped. Dual springs provide stronger holdup to prevent injury and extend the life of the towbar. To prevent damage to the tie rod, WASP lines it with a protection tube that is less expensive to replace than the part itself. The rollers have Zinc Flo-Coat® tubing to prevent rusting and rugged, high-capacity, sealed ball bearings. Roller guards protect the rollers on the perimeter of the dolly. The unit also is equipped with towbar-actuated rear brakes.

The dolly features radial-cut corners that reduce the potential for damage when the dolly strikes other dollies, trailers or equipment. WASP stamps indents into the channel for recessed placement of reflectors to prevent damage upon contact with another object. U.S. military-grade powder-coated finishes keep the New Standard Dolly looking new. Custom colors are available. Optional hot-dip galvanizing can further protect the dolly.

The New Standard Dolly can be stacked five high to save space on trucks or in overseas containers during shipping and reduce shipping costs. The bottom dolly retains its functionality, so the stacked dollies have roll-on/roll-off capabilities for transport without crating. An extension pipe fits through the shipping brackets on each corner of the dolly to take weight off of the deck and tires during transport.