2023 Airport Business Top 40 Under 40: Ryan Crews

Dec. 19, 2023
Project Manager, Studdiford Technical Solutions, LLC

Before Ryan Crews began working at Studdiford Technical Solutions, LLC, he was a baggage handling system (BHS) designer for VTC (formerly Vic Thompson Company).

At Studdiford Technical Solutions, Crews is a project manager. Projects he has managed include a BHS improvements program on behalf of American Airlines at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. The project was worth over $100M and involved multiple airline, airport and federal government stakeholders.

Crews has also led projects at Kansas City International Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport. His role on these projects was to help guide the BHS OEM through the TSA design process and ensure that the system was compliant with planning guidelines and design standards.

“While each project is unique,” he said, “they all have one goal in mind: deliver passengers' bags to the aircraft as quickly and as safely as possible. When you do that, you satisfy all stakeholders, whether it be the airport, airline or TSA.”

No one BHS fits all airports.

Crews was a contributor to ACRP Research Report 252: Airport Baggage Handling System Decision-Making Based on Total Cost of Ownership, from Transportation Research Board’s Airport Cooperative Research Program.

“Right sizing the BHS for each specific airport is essential,” he continued. “Small airports typically have a very limited BHS maintenance staff, many have no dedicated BHS staff. Building a high-tech, complex system at one of these airports doesn’t make sense if they do not have the skilled personnel to maintain such a system. On the other hand, at a major hub like DFW, the system must be large enough to handle tens of thousands of bags per day, and smart enough to adapt to every situation.”

Crews enjoys facing something new every day and said he appreciates everyone at VTC and Studdiford Technical Solutions who has mentored him, and he added, “I’m glad that I found my way into such a close-knit industry.”