2023 International GSE Expo Preview

Sept. 5, 2023
The premier event dedicated to ground support equipment returns to Las Vegas Sept. 26-28.

The International GSE Expo, presented by Ground Support Worldwide, Airport Business and the International Airport Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (IAEMA), returns to Las Vegas.

The 2023 event, which will be held Sept. 26-28 at the Las Vegas Convention Center is a unique networking experience designed to connect airlines, airport personnel, contract service providers, FBOs, ground handlers and members of the military with leading GSE manufacturers and suppliers.

“GSE Expo is the ground support equipment industry's premier event for networking, information exchange, live product demonstrations and face-to-face access for the latest products, services and technologies, and we’re excited to return to Las Vegas this September to build off 2021’s successes,” said Bill Baumann, group publisher of Endeavor Business Media’s Aviation Group.

Specifically focused on providing information and solutions on the latest trends and developments in ground support equipment, the International GSE Expo attracts attendees from around the world, the 2023 edition of GSE Expo is on pace to attract more than 2,500 global industry professionals and decision makers in attendance, with 250 indoor and outdoor exhibits.

As the International GSE Expo approaches, take a look at a sampling of what will be on display at this year’s event.

Continental Tire

RV20 All-Season Tire

Booth 526

The successful RV20 tire in the GSE industry now includes a new partner with extra traction and performance in winter/wet conditions. Continental Tire is introducing the Conti RV20 All-Season as the ideal tire for small tow tractors and baggage loaders used in airport operations. This tire is engineered to perform well on various airport surfaces, including ramps that can become slippery when wet. The three-rib tread design with multiple sipes offers maximum ground contact and unparalleled traction.

Continental is a leading supplier of a comprehensive range of ground handling tires for the airport industry. Whether industrial, passenger, MPT or truck tires, Continental continues to be a leader in airport operations for operating costs, reliability and efficiency. The company is dedicated to forging strong partnerships with customers worldwide, providing tailored solutions that optimize their airport operations.

Wilcox GSE

Baggage Carts

Booth 1717

Wilcox GSE’s Closed Baggage Carts are built tough, with durability as the top priority. Even if the carts get a few dings and dents, they will keep on hauling without missing a beat. If any parts do need to be replaced due to damage, Wilcox GSE offers fully replaceable parts to minimize downtime.

During the International GSE Expo, Wilcox GSE is planning a grand reveal, highlighting some of the company’s existing products as well as launching some new innovations for the industry.

U.S. Airmotive GSE

Attachable and Molded GSE Cable Assemblies

Booth 719

U.S. Airmotive GSE cable assemblies for AC and DC applications feature silver-plated copper alloy contacts and military-qualified cable. Connectors include an insulating sleeve around power contacts. All cable assemblies are fabricated to MIL-C-7974C. Qualified source of supply for AS(MS)25019, AS(MS)90328, AS(MS)90347, AN3430 and AN2551 cable assemblies; AS(MS)25486 and AS(MS)25488 connectors. A complete line of ground power cable assemblies and attachable aircraft connectors are available, and U.S. Airmotive GSE supplies custom configurations to meet any requirements.

National Plastics & Rubber


Booth 322

Aerochock are aviation wheel chocks that are 40 percent lighter than comparable chocks. Designed with ease of use in mind, Aerochock can service an entire aircraft fleet, with no compromise on stability.

National Plastics & Rubber will showcase its innovative designs, which ensure aircraft remain secure in all conditions. The company offers designs that no other aircraft chock possesses.

Cynergixt International, LLC


Booth 655

LoadMaster by Cynergixt is a lightweight (less than 35 pounds), modular, scalable, battery-powered conveyor solution designed for aviation. The unit is designed to help operations avoid damage to bags, cargo or aircraft during loading and unloading that can result in in poor on time performance, a negative customer image and costly repairs or replacements.

Ms. Carita

Star Value GSE Branding and Support Program

Booth 723

Ms. Carita's Star Value GSE Branding and Support Program helps its customers reduce costs and inventory, supports multiple locations and provides long-lasting safety and brand identity solutions that make companies look good. Ms. Carita works with teams on existing products or new, from concept to technical support and all through production on GSE safety placarding and branding of all equipment and vehicles in a fleet.

Ms. Carita can show its capabilities direct from the source as the company manufactures placards, safety decals, safety reflectors, brand identity signs, fleet graphics, bar code labels, shipping and tracking labels and more.

Elasco Products

Heavy-Duty Aircraft Chocks

Booth 334

Elasco's Aircraft Chocks are manufactured in the USA from polyurethane. Embedded with the company’s exclusive glow technology and reflector strips, the products are designed for high visibility with a 10-year warranty. All of Elasco’s cable ramps and wheel/aircraft chocks have the design and durability to withstand the harshest conditions and chemicals for longevity and performance.

Elasco's cable ramps and chocks are designed and manufactured in the USA. The company’s ElasGlow technology is the only glow in the dark products used industrywide.

Dixon Bayco

NFPA 407 Refueler Truck Overfill Kits

Booth 431

Dixon Bayco offers easy-to-install overfill kits for retrofit of new construction aircraft refueler trucks. The company will also be displaying loading rack equipment, overfill and tank truck components.


GSE Range

Booth 607

SOVAM manufactures and provides a full range of GSE equipment including airport towing and pushback tractors, sanitary vehicles, scissor lift trucks, passenger stairs, special loaders and maintenance platforms. The company also provides refurbishment and/or electrical retrofits for SOVAM's products on demand.

The company establishes the axes of development adapted to its customer’s problems. SOVAM’s methodology gives rise to targeted technical products that stand out in the market for their reliability and robustness.

Flite Line

Phoenix E / Sherpa E

Booth 2503

From conventional and towbarless tractors to baggage and cargo equipment, Goldhofer provides safe, dependable products that meet the needs of the ever-changing airport industry. Flite Line offers outstanding service, years of experience and widespread knowledge of the industry. The company’s strategic partnership with Guinault provides the ability to supply ground power units (GPU), air conditioning units (ACU), ACU/GPU combos, and a variety of additional GSE to our customers. Additionally, its brands Rheinmetall, ABB and UFA offer a portfolio of top-quality products to support nearly all ground procedures conducted at airports throughout the Americas.

Simpson Aerospace Service

Wi-Fi Access Stands

Booth 437

Safety and efficiency are the hallmarks of a new line of Wi-Fi Access Stands custom manufactured by Simpson Aerospace Services. These stands allow line maintenance crews to access Wi-Fi and other top-of-the-crown radar without using tethers. A fully enclosed work cage gives confidence to do the job quickly, and an optional jib crane allows lifting heavy tools and equipment to the top of the plane. Available for narrow- and wide- body aircraft, these stands are safe, highly maneuverable and use little hangar space.

Simpson Aerospace Service will also highlight its general access stands, APU stands, refurbishments and moving, relocation services.

Harlan Global Manufacturing

Electric-Powered Conversion Kit

Booth 1051

Harlan Global Manufacturing’s efficient, cost-saving electric-powered conversion kit allows fleet owners to convert existing vehicles to electric. Compatible with most GSE makes, this solution ensures a fast, reliable transition to enjoy the countless benefits of electrification. Representatives from Harlan will be available to discuss all your ramp operation needs. The company will also be exhibiting electric/hybrid/combustion tow tractors, scissors lifts and a wide range of OEM parts.

Aeroservicios USA Inc.

Standard GSE

Booth 2733

Aeroservicios USA will exhibit its own GSE brand, including lavatory carts and trucks, potable carts and trucks, Bobtail trucks and aluminum stairs, all of which are manufactured in-house.

AMAI Jana Inc.

Cargo Door Sill Protector

Booth 731

The Cargo Door Sill Protector from AMAI Jana Inc. reduces/eliminates costly damage from belt loader contact. Lightweight and quickly installed by a ground agent, the Cargo Door Sill Protector offers photo-luminescent for visibility during night operations and protects the entire door sill area.

AMAI Jana Inc. is also pleased to announce its partnership with Northern Air Cargo, an American cargo airline based in Anchorage, Alaska, that operates Boeing 737 and 767 freighters. The airline is implementing Cargo Door Sill Protectors, and upper deck main Cargo Door Frame Guards within its  operation for use on Boeing 737 freighters.

Anderson Airmotive Products Co.

Charging Cables Supporting GSE Electrification

Booth 430

AAPCO specializes in manufacturing high-quality cable assemblies that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each customer. AAPCO also designs and produces a wide range of attachable AC and DC connectors that comply with industry standards and regulations and are easy to assemble. AAPCO manufactures receptacles that are designed to interface seamlessly with ground power plugs. These products are engineered to be durable and provide secure and efficient electrical connections, ensuring safe and reliable power transfer. The products can withstand harsh operating conditions while maintaining optimal electrical performance.

AAPCO offers charging connectors and cable assemblies with a variety of connector types and configurations. AAPCO has extensive experience with designing durable products to withstand harsh operating conditions and applies this experience to its charging products. AAPCO can provide tailored solutions to any charging connector, cable assemblies and quick breakaway needs.

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