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Sept. 23, 2021
Following a virtual event this spring, the rescheduled trade show will take place in Munich, Germany, in early November.
inter airport Europe
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inter airport Europe 2021 is scheduled to take place Nov. 9-12 at the Munich Trade Fair Center in Germany.

Scheduling complications as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic saw the event postponed from its traditional October timeframe to mid-November and then moved up to its current dates.

“Following the consideration of feedback we have received from all stakeholders after the postponement in April, we have been able to secure the earliest slot to hold inter airport Europe in November 2021 and are pleased to announce this new date,” Nicola Hamann, managing director of Mack Brooks Exhibitions, said in a release earlier this year. “The November slot is not an ideal solution for us; however, one week ahead of the previous announcement fits a lot better into the overall event schedule. All outdoor exhibitors who have concerns over the weather in November will be able to present their equipment indoors in 2021.”

“The coming show certainly reflects the current market situation, including budget and travel restrictions for some of our regular exhibitors and visitors,” Olaf Freier, portfolio director of inter airport Europe, said in a press release this summer. “However, the industry is facing a major turning point and the future requires different, new solutions. With inter airport Europe this year, our aim is to drive tomorrow’s needs and required solutions by providing relevant content and business opportunities through our long-term experience and relationship with the airport community.”

Event organizers also staged a digital component to the show in April, dubbed inter airport Connect, which allowed exhibitors and attendees to connect virtually. Now as the in-person portion of the 23rd edition of inter airport Europe approaches, take a look at a sampling of the products that will be on display.

HALL Technical Services, LLC

Pre-Conditioned Air Test Unit – Load Bank

This load bank is a pre-conditioned air tester designed to be utilized as a maintenance analyzing tool by GSE/HVAC technicians. The load bank helps determine end of hose discharge status on any PCA unit.

ITW GSE (Booth 1330)

Intelligent Power Management by ITW GSE

The new Intelligent Power Management feature is a smart solution for airports wanting to grow their capacity at an aircraft parking position without investing in more infrastructure or for airports planning a new terminal or a new stand. With Intelligent Power Management, airports can utilize the available power capacity in an intelligent way. The Intelligent Power Management system reduces the complexity and leads to less expensive installations, when designing new terminals.

Additionally, ITW GSE’s solid-state and battery driven products are green, emission free and super energy efficient. ITW GSE is a manufacturer of a complete range of battery driven eGPUs that can power up any aircraft from business jet to narrow- or wide-body aircraft.

AERO Specialties (Booth 511)

AERO JetGo 45-400 GPU

The AERO JetGo 45-400 AC diesel aircraft ground power unit is the first diesel powered 400Hz GPU designed for business jets and regionals.

AIRLINX Aircraft Services, Inc. (Booth 227)

Potable Water Fill and Lavatory Service Fill/Flush Coupling

Prevent ramp spillage with the AIRLINX newly designed self-sealing long collar grip potable water fill and lavatory service fill/flush coupling. After use, the coupling can be disconnected from the aircraft without shutting off liquid flow through the hose via a ball valve. Upon disconnection of the coupling from the aircraft, the internal spring-loaded poppet automatically closes, preventing the pressurized line from discharging potable water or liquid blue fluid onto the ramp.

BEUMER Group (Booth 1566)

CrisBag System

With each bag stored in an individual tote, BEUMER's CrisBag system keeps 100-percent tracking of bags inside the CrisStore system. Tracking also provides operators with real-time inventory, which allows operators to decide the most efficient time to retrieve bags for make-up. The BHS control alerts the operator when there are enough bags in storage to produce an efficient make-up process for a flight, after which the operator releases the bags for efficient speed loading of trolleys or ULDs.

Mototok (Booth 500)

Spacer 8600 NG

Mototok is exhibiting its next generation of electrical, remote controlled pushback tug. The company specializes in flat, small, powerful and electric tugs for special requirements in the hangar and at the gate.

Additionally, the company presents a flat and maneuverable helicopter tug, the Mototok Alligator. The Mototok Alligator offers a height of 149 mm in the area of the nose wheel platform. Even tools such as FLIRs, cameras and radar systems can be easily passed underneath with the Mototok Alligator.

Bulmor (Booth 2824)

Ambulift SideBull - E-powered

Bulmor Airground presents the first E-powered SideBull, which offers safe travel and zero emissions. The new, fully electric-powered ambulift helps to achieve 400,000 kg of CO2 reduction during the vehicle's lifetime. The new battery technology, available with lead acid or fast-charge lithium-ion technology, is recharged up to 50 percent in only 40 minutes. Through the maintenance-free electric motor the maintenance costs are reduced up to 50 percent.

Aviaco (Booth 270)

GSE Services

Aviaco offers a portfolio of GSE services intended to meet all customers' needs and requirements. The company's main activities include GSE sales and purchase; GSE rental; fleet management; and GSE repair and maintenance. Additional services include door-to-door transport services, spare parts delivery and on-site commissioning. 

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