2021 International GSE Expo Preview

Aug. 19, 2021
After being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the only event dedicated to ground support equipment is poised to return in October.

It’s been a long wait, but after being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the International GSE Expo will soon be returning.

The event, which is presented jointly by the International Airport Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (IAEMA) and Ground Support Worldwide magazine, will take place Oct. 5-7 at Caesars Forum in Las Vegas.

“We’ve remained positive and kept in close contact with our attendee and exhibitor communities. We were fortunate enough to keep our full planning staff in place. We knew we’d be back to business eventually, and it was important to keep people on board who were familiar with the event so that once we were ready, we could hit the ground running,” Sue Ralston, vice president of event operations at Endeavor Business Media, says.

“We are feeling great. It’s wonderful to see Las Vegas fully re-opening and welcoming event attendees back to town,” she continues. “Plans are coming together very well. There’s a little more work involved on the heels of the pandemic, but we will do everything possible to keep our attendees, exhibitors, partners and staff safe while on-site. We are excited about moving to Caesars Forum, which is located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.”

Despite the postponement a year ago, the number of exhibitors is approaching the same level as the 2018 event. What’s more, attendee registration is already 50-percent ahead of the last iteration of the GSE Expo.

“I think it’s safe to say that GSE Expo attendees are extremely eager to get back to in-person events,” Ralston says.

As the 2021 International GSE Expo approaches, take a look at some of the new equipment that will be on display.


Phoenix E

The full electric towbarless aircraft tractor Phoenix E meets all requirements in pushback and long-distance towing for approximately 70-percent of all passenger and freight aircraft. Using 700V technology and lithium-ion batteries, the Phoenix E offers the same performance as the diesel driven Phoenix D. With fast charging and intermediate charging options, the Phoenix E is always ready to go. The active thermal management system makes the use of this tractor most efficient and ensures a long battery life. Additionally, Goldhofer’s remote access tool allows users worldwide online access to their Goldhofer fleet.

Webasto Charging Systems


SkyLink is a cloud-based business intelligence platform that collects energy consumption, usage, safety and performance data from PosiCharge fast-charging systems. Asset management is centralized, intelligent, and scalable to a user’s needs. Receive real-time data with actionable intelligence on the status, condition and energy usage of the chargers. Quickly identify, fix and troubleshoot issues without negatively affecting operations. SkyLink’s clean, simple and user-friendly interface makes it easy and effective for users to know immediately when interventions are necessary, leading to savings.

DOLL America

DOLL Catering Highloader

This premium Catering Highloader offers an alternative on a Ford propane chassis. Additionally, Doll will be introducing a complete new model.

Traffic Cones for Less

Aviation Ramp Barrier Set

This all-in-one set consists of two traffic cones connected by an integral cone bar. The whole barrier moves as one, is easy to position and can be adjusted with one hand. The kit is customizable. Additionally, users can mark equipment with custom branding by utilizing traffic cones custom colored to a company’s colors, wing tip marker sets branded with a company’s logo and branded indestructible marshalling wands.

Ground Support Specialist

GS2100 Wraptor Deicer

This aircraft deicer can deice a wide body aircraft with a 2,000-gallon capacity and is available with an open or enclosed bucket. The GS2100 Wraptor has a new, state-of-the-art look including a revolutionary cab that promotes operator comfort as well as other optional features. The GS2100 Wraptor is a single-engine unit that is available in a variety of engine options, which gives customers the most options when working with the GSS team to create the perfect unit for an operation.

Additionally, GSS is now under new leadership. After 26 years under single ownership, GSS has added strength in engineering, manufacturing and customer service. The company is excited to stay true to the roots of the past while forging on into the future with new ideas and products.

Ramper Innovations


An affordable, compact, motorized, folding conveyor that mechanically moves items in the aircraft belly. Ramper Innovations makes the physically demanding job of loading aircraft bellies safer and less costly.

Dekal Load Banks USA

Mobile Reactive Load Bank ALB-I-56DW (O-56 kVAr_400 Hz AC)

The ALB-I-56DW is an unique testing equipment unit for civilian and military applications. It allows any operator to perform extensive load test and captures a real-time PDF data table to verify values simultaneously. The unit complies with MIL-C-81790 specification, is suitable for workshop or airside operations and is backed up by a two-year warranty. It is designed to be either mobile (enclosed wheels) or fixed with threads on each bottom corner to place it as required. The reactive unit may be connected to any Dekal resistive load bank, despite the model. It has been engineered by new patented concept with slide-in option to simply attach resistive 400 Hz AC. Engineered in accordance with the STANAG 3456(7) and MIL-STD-704F, it is intended for testing and diagnosing various 400 Hz AC power sources with lagging power factor. Dekal Load Banks will also exhibit other products and have engineering personnel on site. The complete range of Dekal testing equipment is suitable for civilian and military applications.


Mototok 8600 NG

The Mototok 8600 NG is the world’s smallest electrical towbarless pushback and MRO aircraft tractor for up 210,000 lbs. towing capacity. MO-OC, the Mototok 24-hour, 365-day service and maintenance cloud for live video, chat, data repair and maintenance, will also be exhibited.

Power Stow

Rollertrack Conveyer

Power Stow's belt loader extension enables airport ground handlers to load and unload bulk baggage and cargo faster and more efficiently, while also reducing the physical strain on the ground handling staff. Simple, safe and logical for users, the Rollertrack Conveyor system has reduced injuries by more than 50 percent and provides ground handlers, airports and airlines options for up to 35 percent faster baggage handling times. Power Stow´s new Rental Program allows customers to take advantage of all the benefits that the Rollertrack system offers with a flexible pricing model. Power Stow will also showcase the latest updates on the Rollertrack Conveyor, including the auto-levelling aircraft docking system, which makes it easier for ground handlers to perform a precise docking on an A220, where the cargo door opens out away from the aircraft.

Additionally, Power Stow’s Transfer Belt is an ergonomic unloading aid that increases throughput with easier, more productive and faster unloading of baggage and cargo. The Transfer Belt is designed to transfer bags from various types of containers and carts onto the conveyor belt in the sorting area. Heavy twisting and lifting movements become obsolete. With the Transfer Belt a single operator can handle a large number of items efficiently and ergonomically.

Minit Charger LLC


Minit Charger announces the total redesign of its outdoor fast charger, ALTUS II. The GSE fast charger has been rebuilt using SiC Technology to deliver reliable operation at high temperatures, smaller footprint, lighter weight and reduced cost. Included in the redesign, is a 7” touchscreen display, optional RFID card reader and supports multiple languages. The new design includes a 15kW single port or 30kW dual port and supports your choice of waterproof connectors. Additionally, ALTUS II is connected to the company’s cloud platform AssetPro 360, which allows the user complete access to both charger and vehicle utilization data. Additionally, Minit Charger will exhibit Wix Support Equipment.

Advanced Charging Technologies (ACT)

ACT Quantum GSE Charger

The ACT Quantum GSE Charger is an industrial battery charger with a UL certified, Type 3R outdoor rated design optimized for airport operations and ground support equipment. It designed with Wi-Fi connectivity for remote monitoring, control and seamless integration with ACT’s bi-directional, cloud-based data management platform, ACTintelligent. It features conventional, opportunity and fast charge capabilities all integrated into a single, modular design. The charger also supports openCAN communication protocol enabling support for lithium-ion battery charging applications.

VDG (Van der Graaf)

Intellidrive Drum Motor with IronGrip Lagging

The IntelliDrive Drum Motor is a conveyor drive designed for longevity and reliability. All drive components including the electric motor, gear reducer and gears, are enclosed inside the drum increasing workforce safety. It features a permanent magnet electric motor that requires 40 percent less energy than a standard induction motor, and variable belt speed without torque reduction. The IntelliDrive has a service life of 80,000 hours before scheduled maintenance, which reduces maintenance costs. The gear reducer features hardened and ground helical gears which operates at a low 46 decibel noise level. The optional IronGrip lagging provides 40 percent increase in belt traction, improves belt tracking and extends the service life of the lagging.


Comet 4 FC

This innovative airport towing tractor offers a hydrogen fuel cell drive and up to 30t trailing load (drawbar pull 20 kN), 30 kW axle integrated AC motor with 15 kW continuous power and a driving speed up to 18 mph. Ideally suited for baggage tasks and cargo tasks, the tractor features a zero-emission powertrain to implement the increased environmental requirements for GSE while still having high availability and short refueling times. Additionally, GSE products that add innovative solutions to MULAG's existing portfolio of airport tugs, conveyor belt trucks and container pallet transporters will be on display.

Hitzinger USA

Sales Representation Agreement

For more than 70 years, Hitzinger has been a world-leading provider of alternators, gensets, converters, UPS systems and aircraft ground power supplies. Hitzinger is pleased to announce a partnership with Wix Support Equipment LLC to provide sales representation in North America for the aviation industry. Wix Support Equipment LLC is headquartered in Newnan, Georgia and looking forward to the partnership and increasing Hitzinger’s exposure in North America aviation industry.


Height Adjustable Fueling Stand #21147

This height adjustable fueling stand uses hydrant cart plumbing to fuel the aircraft. No stand certification is required. This stand can fuel E-175, E-190, B-737 and B-737 MAX aircraft when in the down position. In the up position the stand can fuel A-320 aircraft.

Additionally, a nozzle lift fueling stand for wide-body aircraft is coming soon. The stand will use hydrant cart plumbing and will not require certification.

Anderson Airmotive Products Co.

D70 Over-molded Battery Connector (Euro)

The Anderson Airmotive Products Co. Series D70 Over-molded Battery Connector (Euro), per the DIN43589-1 specification, provides users with a true water-tight configuration for fast battery charging systems. A first-of-its-kind connector that is over-molded on the cable to provide users with an IP65 solution that ensures performance in severe battery environments. Key features include compatibility with other DIN43589-1 battery connectors; silver plated copper alloy contacts for electrical performance; manufactured with durable synthetic rubber for long life; provides up to four auxiliary contacts; tailorable to user needs for cable gauge and cable assembly length.

Additionally, Anderson Airmotive Products Co is displaying a new 400Hz strain relief handle that is available with LEDs and push button switches to provide customers with outstanding safety features, flexibility and value.

Parker Velcon


Parker Velcon’s new Water Barrier Filters serve as allies in the battle against water in aviation fuel. CDF-X and ACO-X filters block water before the aircraft without using SAP. CDF-X is qualified to EI-1588 and is a direct drop-in replacement for all 2” SAP monitor cartridges. ACO-X filters are designed for the company’s VF-61, VF-62 and VF-609 filter housings and similar competitors’ housings. ACO-X meets the effluent fuel quality and structural requirements of EI-1588. There are no additional parts required to install, no piping changes and no operational changes.

Additionally, Parker Velcon’s new WIF (Water In Fuel) is a simple, accurate, precise, affordable and reliable solution for water detection. WIF is designed to meet EI-1598 Specifications for electronic sensors used to monitor fuel contamination. WIF uses light scattering principles and is calibrated to detect the presence of free water in fuel from 0 to 50 ppm. It was developed as an alternative to Chemical Water Detectors where CWD are mandated by JIG Standards.

Rheinmetall Canada

Rheinmetall eMSU

Rheinmetall is proud to introduce the first 100-percent electric air start unit on the market. The Rheinmetall eMSU represents a zero-emission solution that meets green initiatives. The new eMSU air start unit offers an airflow capability of 250 ppm and performs in any climatic conditions. This eco-friendly solution comes with a fast battery charging system and high-quality components with low maintenance requirements.

Allen Energy / EnerSys

NexSys PURE Batteries / Wi-iQ Battery Monitoring Device

NexSys PURE batteries from EnerSys never require watering, providing a virtually maintenance-free power solution to help slash maintenance and downtime. Ideal for opportunity charging, NexSys PURE batteries also offer ground support crews the flexibility for charging between flights, with no long equalize charges required.

Additionally, the Wi-iQ battery monitoring device captures key operating data, allowing operators to identify developing issues before leading to battery failure and costly unplanned downtime. With a slim design for easy installation on the battery harness, the Wi-iQ device issues visible and audible alerts to the user on important operational parameters.

Fortbrand Services

GSE Services

Fortbrand Services is a complete source for ground support equipment. Since 1983, Fortbrand Services has been providing rentals, leases and sales of new and used ground support equipment to airlines, airports, ground handlers, FBOs, MROs and more. Fortbrand is a turnkey solutions provider to obtaining the equipment needed to run an operation.


Banded Power Cable Assemblies

PAGE GSE is proud to introduce its safe, robust banded 400 Hz and 28V DC cable assemblies. These ergonomically designed connectors incorporate cutting edge technology unique to the GSE industry.

Caster Concepts Inc.

Heavy-duty Industrial Casters

The Twergo Xtreme is polyurethane, kingpinless heavy duty caster that minimizes friction and eliminates scrubbing and sliding when the wheel turns. It has the same features of the original Twergo wheels, but is designed in a barbell configuration with the wheels on the outside of the rig to help disperse weight and put more rubber on the road, with a maximum capacity of 3,500 pounds per caster.

Additionally, the Dual Wheel Pneumatic Caster, ideal for aircraft engine stands and maintenance stands, provides longer wheel life, less maintenance and high shock absorbency. The 95A Poly Alum Swivel Caster with Swivel Lock and Wheel Brake features a “Vari-Flex” design to achieve optimal shock reduction and drastically reduce shimmy, dynamic bounce and resonance, even when the cart is empty or loaded beyond its maximum rated capacity.


Electric Cargo Loaders

JBT’s all-electric Cargo Loaders provide 15k to 30k pounds of lift capacity. The high-speed Ranger E cargo loaders and the well-optioned Commander 15i and 30i E models facilitate the all-electric transfer of cargo.  Many current JBT diesel cargo loaders can be inexpensively converted to electric models.

JBT will display additional eGSE including electric pushback and tow tractors, cargo transporters, passengers steps and its PowerShare battery charging load share technology.

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