Don’t Get Left Behind

Dec. 19, 2018
The aviation industry is continuing to progress, and the best ground support personnel are preparing for more change.

As you flip through the pages of our final issue of 2018, I hope you notice a trend. The industry is changing quickly.

Whether it’s an FBO securing IS-BAH registration, ground service providers exploring the possibilities of autonomous vehicles or airlines refurbing aging equipment as efficiently as possible, ground support people are evolving on pace with the rest of aviation.

This time of year is a good reminder of why the industry continues to adapt.

The holiday season brings droves of travelers through airports as they vacation and visit family members virtually non-stop from Thanksgiving until the New Year. More travelers mean more bags to handle, more planes to fuel and more flights that need to be pushed back on time. And considering IATA’s forecast of 8.2 billion air travelers by 2037, things aren’t slowing down any time soon. That’s good news!

As industry leaders set their New Year’s resolutions, I’m eager to learn what goals are being set for 2019 and beyond to keep up with the changes coming to ground support. I can promise that Ground Support Worldwide will continue to stay in contact with those leaders and share the latest with all our readers.

On behalf of all of us at Ground Support Worldwide, we wish you a prosperous New Year. Thanks for reading.

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Josh Smith | Editor