Excited For Our Next Endeavor

Aug. 8, 2018
The acquisition of SouthComm brings with it a familiar face and additional resources.

It is a fitting bit of coincidence that in our issue discussing mergers and acquisitions within the GSE industry, we at Ground Support Worldwide have an announcement to make of our own.

On June 22, our magazine and the other trade publications owned by SouthComm Business Media were acquired by Endeavor Business Media.

Generally speaking, this change in ownership won’t affect much of what you see in these pages. Readers can still expect the same coverage of the GSE and ground handling industries that they have come to expect from us. And there have been no changes to the Ground Support Worldwide staff.

You may notice, however, a change in branding from Ground Support Worldwide and AviationPros.com mailings. The Endeavor company logo, which is now atop our masthead inside the magazine, will accompany official correspondence to readers, advertisers and other business partners.

With the acquisition, we are excited to welcome back a familiar face. Chris Ferrell, the founder of SouthComm, created Endeavor Business Media and serves as company CEO. We are happy to have him back, and he plans to join us once again at the GSE Expo in Las Vegas to get an up-close-look at the ground support industry.

Much like the comments made in this month’s cover story, we are excited about this acquisition and look forward to the possibilities presented to our publication through Endeavor’s resources.

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Josh Smith | Editor