What Type of Leader Are You?

Feb. 14, 2018
When the person in charge takes a “we” approach, a team can achieve tremendous success.

Next month, we will kick off our annual series of issues spotlighting the Ground Support Worldwide Leaders of the Year.

We have received numerous nominations for many qualified people throughout the industry. It really is eye-opening to see how many talented people are dedicated to ground support.

While reading stacks of nominations, I’ve been reflecting on the word leader and giving thought to what it means to be one. Depending on who you ask, you might get different definitions.

I have discussed leadership at length with a good friend Mark Maas, who is an accomplished track and field coach and revered public speaker.

He identifies leaders as people willing to serve others, which may sound backwards to some of us. However, in a world of “me first” attitudes, a leader that takes a “we” approach can have tremendous success.

Leaders are often found next to his or her team, working side-by-side with them toward a common goal. A positive-thinking leader can share a vision and facilitate others to take part in that vision.

A leader needs to hold his or her team accountable, but needs to be able to hold themselves accountable, too. After all, the team is trying to achieve the same thing.

So as leaders, let’s focus on the “we” aspect of the industry. Start simply, and focus on using “we” in everyday conversation with your team, instead of “I.” Before long, that train of thought becomes contagious, and a “we” culture permeates throughout the team.

Positivity can cultivate an environment that allows the next generation of leaders to flourish. And I look forward to reading their nominations for our Leaders of the Year awards in the coming years.