We're Going Global

Sept. 14, 2017
While Ground Support Worldwide has always had an international component, the inaugural Global Issue intensifies that focus on ground support topics from around the world.

Welcome to the Global Issue of Ground Support Worldwide. We are excited to launch what is going to be our annual Global edition.

Throughout the year, we try to touch on as many different topics and regions across the global ground support community as possible. But in this issue we have really ramped it up! No pun intended.

We hope you enjoy this extended international coverage.

Ground Support Worldwide will always be the largest ground support equipment, ground handling, ground services and ground operations magazine in North America, but now we are also the largest in the world.

Ground support isn’t just about equipment. The way operations are done is different today, and it will be different tomorrow and well into the future. Ground Support Worldwide magazine stays on top of what is important to the industry, no matter the location, so that we can be a source that readers trust and rely on for pertinent information.

As always, thank you for reading!