Part of the Crowd

Aug. 9, 2017
Based on my experience during the past year, I can’t wait to spend many more with aviation enthusiasts.

I feel like I’ve officially joined the aviation crowd now that I’ve attended my first EAA AirVenture Fly-In this past July.

As one exhibitor said, attending EAA for the first time is like a religious experience, and it’s hard to disagree. Being surrounded by hundreds of thousands of aviation enthusiasts was truly something to behold. And while, the Ground Support Worldwide team was often distracted by the GPUs, passenger stairs and towbars near the aircraft on display, the planes themselves were pretty cool too.

EAA was a fitting way to finish up my first year in aviation. The event served as a great reminder about how deep people’s passion for aviation runs, and that passion is propped up by the ground support industry.

While thumbing through the pages of the annual GSE Worldwide Directory, it doesn’t take long to appreciate how many people out there are doing their part to support aviation. As I look back on my first year with the magazine, it’s difficult to fathom how many ground support enthusiasts I’ve already had the privilege to meet. Thank you all for welcoming me so quickly.

I look forward to meeting even more ground support folks during upcoming trade shows. Ground Support Worldwide will be in full force at inter airport Europe in Munich this fall, and excitement is already building for the 2018 GSE Expo in Las Vegas.

If the last year has been any indication, I am looking forward to spending many more years submersed in the world of aviation.