A Positive Atmosphere Can Create More Clouds

Nov. 16, 2016
The admiration shown at the International Airport GSE Expo’s opening reception should inspire others to devote themselves to this industry.

My first exposure to the industry during the International GSE Expo in Las Vegas was a real treat.

In addition to getting an up-close look at various pieces of ground support equipment, I actually got a couple of up-high looks too, taking in the exhibiting space from the vantage point of a few deicers as well as a catering truck.

I met many GSE experts with a tangible passion for the work they do and a dedication to do their work well.

I think the biggest takeaway I had from the show is how much that passion and dedication is respected through the GSE industry.

Take for example Dick Cloud, Ground Support Worldwide’s Lifetime Achievement Award winner. I assure you he has passion and dedication – but if you don’t believe me, read the May issue’s cover story that chronicles his career.

The respect for Cloud’s dedication was on full display during the opening reception on the show floor as a throng of people gathered to see him recognized alongside Johnathan Bluth and Xced Aviation – the Team Leader and Service Leader of the Year.

I found the enthusiasm surrounding Cloud’s recognition and the admiration people had for his work to be inspiring. A turnout that size to honor another’s work showed the camaraderie of the GSE industry that I had heard about prior to the show.

Cloud, along with Bluth and the team at Xced, have a lot to be proud of, but moments like the one we saw at the opening ceremony are something the GSE world can be, and should be, proud of.

A positive environment will only serve to attract more people to this industry and produce more people like Dick Cloud. And that would benefit us all.

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Josh Smith | Editor