What We Saw At inter airport Europe

Oct. 22, 2013
Or at least some of what we saw ...

Hard as it is to sum up a mega-show like inter airport, here are some product highlights along with links directly to manufacturer Web sites to find out more:

Aebi Schmidt Deutschland GmbH

The Supra 5002 high-performance snow cutter blower is designed to take on the full range of snow removal tasks on runways, taxiways and aprons and normal roads. The machine is equipped with a powerful dual-block snow clearing unit incorporating a cutter drum and a blower wheel. Thanks to the individually adjustable chute and hydraulically operated blower housing, the ejection distance can be adjusted in two steps up to 40 metres to the left or right.

AmSafe Bridport

A  fire containment cover system provides a physical two-way barrier:

  • The FCC provides a passive safety advancement to protect against undeclared dangerous goods.
  • Should a fire breakout within the cargo the FCC will isolate the fire from spreading and taking hold of the aircraft.

crisplant - BEUMER Group

Designed to eliminate heavy manual lifting when bags are transferred from the baggage chute into a container or ULD, the Baggage Loader improves efficiency in addition to increasing workplace safety for baggage handling staff. Using simple hand-controls, the operator positions the Baggage Loader at the edge of the discharge chute and gently slides the bag onto the loader; the loader can then be guided to the container and the operator can slide the bag onto the next position in the stack. Easy, one-person operation means that the Baggage Loader can enable a single operator to achieve a peak loading throughput of 300 bags per hour, with no heavy manual lifting.

DOLL Fahrzeugbau AG

DOLL and gategroup are collaborating to develop the industry’s first electrically powered highloader. DOLL’s ecat highloader technology reduces conventional operating costs and enables emission-free aircraft loading.

Habasit AG

The running side of the Eff-Line belt is impregnated with a special treatment to significantly reduce sliding friction between the belt and the conveyor system deck. As a result, Eff-Line belts can provide energy savings of up to 45 percent for such baggage handling applications.


The AXA 2400 Compact allows for 400 percent overload which means that it can be used for all types of aircraft from the small up to the very big i.e. B787/A350/A380. It provides 90 kW continuous at an ambient temperature of 56°C. The AXA 2400 Compact is equipped with the patented Plug & Play system that allows the unit to fulfills the stringent requirements of most installations as it compensates for long asymmetrical output cables, unbalanced loads as well as various power factors. The magnetic wave-shaping topology ensures a clean input power with a unity power factor and a current THD less than 5 percent.?

Kalmar Motor / Lufthansa LEOS

The Kalmar TBL-800 is the world’s first electric/hybrid towbarless tractor capable of handling aircraft up to the Airbus A380. The tractor is capable of higher speed long distance maintenance towing as well as normal push-back and inter gate handling with fully loaded max take off weight aircraft. The tractor is developed by Kalmar Motor in cooperation with Lufthansa LEOS


The iJACK  is a 3D-gyroscope level placed on the aircraft fuselage that sends electrical signals to some visual indicators (one per jack), showing to each hydraulic tripod jack operator the level status of the aircraft and guiding him indicating when each jack needs to be operated . With this device, the aircraft levelling during jacking is continuously monitored, controlled and secured

Moderniek b.v.

To make ULD unloading easier and more efficient Moderniek designed, manufactured the Bagtipper. After opening the front cover, a full ULD transports into the Bagtipper. The Bagtipper tilts the ULD 45 degrees and lifts it gradually. Suitcases slide out of the ULD in layers onto independent driven conveyors for initial suitcase separation. As additional tools for unloading, the suitcases can be released by shaking the ULD or flipping out suitcases with a rotatable drum at the front of the ULD opening.

TMHE N.V. / S.A.

The new Toyota Traigo80 is an 80V counterbalanced truck offering capacities from 2 tonnes up to 3.5 tonnes. The current line-up is composed of a 2.0t compact model, 2.5t and 3.0t compact and long versions, and a 3.5t which makes it 6 models in total. Available with a large range of masts, battery solutions and cabin / comfort options,


The company’s Precise Positioning System  anchors the deicing nozzles at one meter from an aircraft surface, using sensors to ensure that the nozzle does not touch the aircraft surface when engaged. The system aids the operator to stay within this most optimal distance, helping to save on both fluids and time needed for the deicing operation