Synhelion – Turning Sunlight into Fuel

June 20, 2024
Synhelion produces solar fuels to decarbonize aviation and long-distance transportation. We produce solar jet fuel, gasoline, and diesel, which can directly replace fossil fuels. Our technology converts concentrated solar radiation into process heat beyond 1’500°C, making it possible to drive fuel production with solar heat for the first time. Our sustainable solar fuels are carbon-neutral as they only emit as much CO2 as went into their production. They are fully compatible with existing global fuel infrastructure and offer the most economically viable, efficient, scalable, and environmentally friendly solution for clean, long-distance transportation. The solar tower in the video is a research facility by the German Aerospace Center, where we built the world's first industrial-scale test plant to demonstrate solar fuel production. Visit our website and read the answers to frequently asked questions: