INFORM Software Improves Efficiency of Talma at Major Airports in Colombia

July 9, 2024
The ability to streamline data processing times to perform resource planning and scheduling will impact Talma’s ground handling employees at its Colombian sites.

INFORM, a leading global software provider specializing in AI-driven optimization solutions for aviation ground operations, provides Talma, a leading company in airport services in Latin America, with ground handling optimization software solutions at airports Talma serves in Colombia. 

Talma is rolling out the initial installation of INFORM’s GroundStar (GS) Planning and GS WorkforcePlus, at its operations center at the Bogotá airport, later expanding the GroundStar solutions to the main airports they operate, such as Cali, Medellín, and Cartagena. The ability of GroundStar to streamline data processing times to perform resource planning and scheduling will impact Talma’s more than 3,500 ground-handling employees at the Colombian sites.

“We are excited to be working with Talma to support their resource planning goals,” said Uschi Schulte-Sasse, senior vice president of INFORM Aviation. “We see this endeavor as a true partnership that will empower Talma to solve some of their most pressing challenges. We are proud to enable a fully localized implementation and support through INFORM’s office based in Santiago de Chile.”

GroundStar Planning and GroundStar WorkforcePlus Enable Optimization of Resources

GS Planning optimizes ground handling staff and equipment, stands, and terminal resources across all phases – from planning to analytics. GS WorkforcePlus is an innovative workforce management software that facilitates schedule adjustments and shift swaps to balance employees’ personal needs with profitability and quality of service while ensuring legal compliance. Furthermore, GS WorkforcePlus improves the well-being of workers by using an adequate shift schedule, in compliance with regulations and fatigue management.

“We are very enthusiastic about this project with one of the main ground handlers in the region. During the pilot phase and the implementation, we saw a team with huge commitment and willingness to implement two of the main modules of GroundStar in a highly professional way. We are looking forward to extending our collaboration in the future,” explains Federico dos Reis, CEO of INFORM Latin America SSC.

“In the coming years, operations in Colombia will be challenging due to the implementation of labor changes that will add complexity to the roster creation. This complexity brings new challenges that GS WorkforcePlus will support implementing in an efficient way,” adds dos Reis. 

“Proof of concept testing in tandem with INFORM was an ideal way to analyze the functionality and adaptability of these systems and made it highly transparent that Talma would greatly benefit from greater efficiency in resource planning,” said Alejandro Molina V, Talma commercial and project manager. “Among the goals we plan to achieve are resource optimization to realize projected savings and the ability to integrate existing technological tools to avoid manual data management.”