Azzera Adds SAF Management Module to CELESTE Software Platform to Support Upcoming RefuelEU Mandate

May 22, 2024
The new SAF Inventory Management and Tracking functionality enables aircraft operators to effortlessly manage and track their SAF uplift and assess its contribution to emissions reduction.

Sustainability solutions provider Azzera has added an industry-first sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) management module to its CELESTE B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.

The new SAF Inventory Management and Tracking functionality enables aircraft operators to effortlessly manage and track their SAF uplift and assess its contribution to emissions reduction. With the SAF data stored in a single module, CELESTE users can optimize the system to increase visibility around their use of SAF as the module tracks where the SAF is purchased, how much is uplifted, and which routes were flown. In addition, the system also facilitates SAF book and claim transactions for business aviation clients, aggregates SAF demand and provides SAF certificates directly to the operator on their platform interface. The intuitive system is designed to reduce calculation errors and remove complexity for compliance managers.

Among business aviation operators, Metrojet, ASL Group, Elit’Avia, and AXIS Aviation are already benefitting from CELESTE’s advanced capability. The digital platform removes burdensome data handling tasks from flight departments by integrating with flight scheduling software to access and process data for real-time emissions calculations. The automation minimizes manual data handling, reduces errors and saves time. To simplify the calculations, emissions are segregated by carbon compliance market, including the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), regional emissions trading systems (ETS), the EU ETS, UK ETS, and CH ETS. Azzera also employs scientific methodology to evaluate the real climate impact of projects, using the Azzera Impact Score. Users can subsequently buy carbon credits through the digital platform to help them easily manage and mitigate carbon emissions.

Each carbon credit is equivalent to one tonne of carbon emissions that are either prevented from entering or removed from the atmosphere. Purchased credits are ‘retired’ against unavoidable emissions. Since its inception in May 2022, Azzera has facilitated the compensation of more than 55,000 tonnes of high-quality carbon credits directly or indirectly through its advisory role; and has tracked 97,300 flights, and measured more than 1,200,000 tonnes of emissions, representing 6% of business aviation’s total carbon footprint. The new SAF module bolsters CELESTE’s powerful emissions data collection and reporting capability. Beyond segregating emissions by compliance market, it also allocates uptake to specific missions, better preparing operators for the forthcoming RefuelEU aviation mandates, which means that from 2025, all aviation fuel provided at EU airports must contain a minimum fraction of SAF, a requirement set to increase through to 2050.

Emphasizing the significance of mandates in Europe and the growing imperative of tracking emissions worldwide, Azzera founder and CEO Puja Mahajan says: “The European fleet makes up about 15% of the world’s business aviation fleet and the vast majority of Europe’s operators are counting emissions – the mandates are driving this - and increasingly operators worldwide are voluntarily monitoring emissions too. Our focus is to apply innovative technology to create a digital platform, which is effortless to use, and brings real value to companies seeking a reliable, trustworthy solution, backed by science, to manage their carbon footprint.”

Other new CELESTE features include integration with Leon flight management software and enhanced data integrity checks. To encourage the uptake of carbon management, Azzera is offering EBACE delegates visiting the Azzera booth J37 access to a number of product and service discounts.