Aviator Airport Alliance Set to Redefine Airport Lounge Experience Across EMEA

May 17, 2024
Aviator Airport Alliance, a member of the Avia Solutions Group family, announced a strategic partnership with Longheadland Limited, a renowned hospitality management firm.

Aviator Airport Alliance, a full-range provider of aviation services at 15 airports across the Nordics and a member of the Avia Solutions Group family, announced a strategic partnership with Longheadland Limited, a renowned hospitality management firm. The aim of this partnership is to transform airport lounges and hospitality services across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). This collaboration introduces an innovative in-sourcing model designed to elevate the passenger experience and enhance operational efficiencies at airports.

In recent years, traveler preferences have evolved significantly, with an increasing demand for enhanced comfort, connectivity, and unique experiences at airports. Research indicates that passengers increasingly prioritize amenities beyond basic utilities at airports, seeking unique and tailored experiences that enhance their travel. Moreover, a report by Airport Dimensions shows that 93% of passengers say they are open to having a relationship with the airport as a brand.

The Aviator and Longheadland partnership is set to meet these changing demands by offering a revitalized lounge experience that emphasizes quality, efficiency, and local culture, aligning with broader market trends and consumer expectations. With over 30 years of experience, the Aviator team has developed and delivered lounges for multiple European airports. Now, they are aiming to introduce a selection of concepts including upgraded airport lounges, coworking spaces, meeting rooms, and micro hotels, all tailored to the demands of modern travelers.

"Post-pandemic we are noticing a shift in the profile of lounge visitors. These are no longer just business travellers looking for rest and productivity. Today’s travellers expect airports to complement the trip's experience, wanting a lounge in Madrid to feel different from a lounge in London. That way, the airport stops being a transit stop, it becomes a destination,” says Patrik Bayardo, head of Airport Hospitality at Aviator.

According to Bayardo, airports reluctant to overhaul their facilities risk missing significant opportunities for revenue enhancement and customer satisfaction.

This new model proposed by Aviator goes beyond conventional outsourcing. By offering an integrated in-sourcing alternative, the model enables airports to maintain greater control over their hospitality offerings. By managing these services directly, airports can ensure that each lounge not only showcases local culture and cuisine curated by top chefs but also delivers a premium, tailored experience that aligns closely with the airport's unique brand and passenger expectations.

“What makes us stand out is the ability to provide complete services and value-added solutions that align with strategic goals, whether optimizing revenues, guest experiences, or attracting new airline partners. It’s a hands-off alternative and a complete circle of services from concept ideation and project development to management. Together with Longheadland and our partner designers, engineers, lounge system providers, hospitality, and aviation experts, we are ready to create experiences passengers will love,” Bayardo concludes.

The rollout of these new lounges will begin in key airports across EMEA, with plans for further expansion based on success and demand. Aviator is part of Avia Solutions Group – the world’s largest ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance) provider, operating a fleet of 212 passenger and cargo aircraft worldwide. The group also provides various aviation services such as MRO, pilots and crew training, ground handling, and other interconnected solutions.