Kerry eCommerce, Menzies Aviation and Menzies Macau Airport Services Limited Sign MOU on Global Customs Clearance

April 15, 2024

Kerry Logistics Network Limited, through its subsidiary Kerry eCommerce Limited, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on Global Customs Clearance with Menzies Aviation Limited and Menzies Macau Airport Services Limited to launch the global customs clearance collaboration project. The tripartite MOU was jointly signed by Frankie Choy, director of Kerry eCommerce; James Wong, senior vice president for Southeast Asia and China at Menzies Aviation; and Raymond Lo, managing director of Menzies Macau Airport Services Limited.

The signing of the MOU marks the official launch of the global customs clearance collaboration project, which aims to strengthen Macau Airport's e-commerce cargo competitiveness and provide seamless customs clearance services for Kerry eCommerce export through Macau. Kerry eCommerce will leverage the strengths of Menzies Aviation’s network of 255 destinations around the world, with Macau Airport as a hub, to ensure that all goods handled by Kerry eCommerce passing through Macau can depart smoothly and achieve fast and efficient transportation through convenient customs clearance procedures in Macau.

Menzies Aviation is a global leader in aviation services, with operations across six continents, providing air ground handling services to 255 destinations in more than 60 markets. As a part of Menzies Aviation, Menzies Macau Airport Services Limited focuses on a full range of one-stop airport services and continues to empower the shipping of Macau International Airport.

Choy said, “Cross-border e-commerce is currently the fastest-growing segment of international trade. Consumers demand more reliable and faster deliveries than ever. This partnership will give us leverage on shipping internationally with swift and efficient cross-border deliveries that ensure a competitive advantage for our e-commerce customers.”

Wong said, “Menzies Aviation is proud to be a part of this tripartite MOU with Kerry eCommerce and our Joint Venture at Menzies Macau Airport Services Limited. Together, we will explore new opportunities and effect positive changes for the mutual benefits of all parties. We look forward to working together.”

In response to the growing global demand for trade and freight, this collaboration project fully integrates the expertise and resources of Kerry eCommerce, Menzies Aviation and Menzies Macau Airport Services Limited to provide faster, more efficient and reliable customs clearance services, achieving a win-win situation for all three parties. The three parties will work together to ensure the smooth customs clearance of goods and collaborate on end-to-end solutions on a global scale to support the strong development of e-commerce logistics.