ADB SAFEGATE Wins Project to Modernize Advanced Visual Docking Guidance at Frankfurt International Airport

April 15, 2024
The project will deliver significant improvements thanks to the addition of a radar sensor in the Safedock X.

ADB SAFEGATE, a leading provider of airport performance solutions, has won a contract with Fraport AG, the operator of Frankfurt International Airport, to modernize its Advanced Visual Docking Guidance Systems (A-VDGS) with its state of the art system Safedock X.  The project includes the replacement of all Safedock T1 systems with 117 Safedock X units, as well as the installation and commissioning of AiPRON Manager, an Airside 4.0 platform that ensures future-proof operations. 

With completion scheduled for mid-2026, the project will deliver significant improvements, including improved detection capability in low-visibility conditions, such as fog, heavy rain, or snowfall, thanks to the addition of a radar sensor in the Safedock X. The Ramp Information Display System (RIDS) function of the Safedock X will ensure better situational awareness for pilots and ground crew with a larger and more advanced display. Integrated cameras in the new systems will provide a full monitoring of the ramp activities which to further increase the safety and efficiency of the turnaround process while offering blurring capabilities to protect the privacy of ramp personnel. 

"The continuous modernization of the flight operating systems at Frankfurt Airport is a strategic priority, and the introduction of the Safedock X marks a significant milestone in our journey. Compared to its predecessor, the Safedock T1, this latest generation offers many innovative additions that significantly enhance the range of functions available to the airport," said Rainer Baier, senior project manager airside systems at Fraport AG, expressed his enthusiasm about the project. 

"We are looking forward to continuing our long-term and strategic partnership with Fraport by incorporating our latest innovative technologies supporting the digitization of the apron," said Judith Kruse, regional sales manager apron at ADB SAFEGATE. "Together, we can accelerate our shared digital transformation and automation journey while contributing to Fraport's growth and sustainability goals." 

The project marks a significant milestone for ADB SAFEGATE, as it is the first Safedock X order and full installation in Europe. ADB SAFEGATE has a long-standing history with Fraport, with whom it conducted a test installation of two Safedock X systems last year. The successful partnership has resulted in multiple workshops, with the most recent one held in February 2024, where we further defined our common roadmap.