CHAMP Joins Airbus’ OpenCargoLab

March 14, 2024

As a pioneer of innovation and collaboration in the air cargo industry, CHAMP has joined Airbus’ OpenCargoLab. CHAMP is particularly focused on ensuring that our open and integrated systems can offer enhanced connectivity and visibility.

Airbus’ OpenCargoLab invites air cargo businesses to participate in a working group that actively explores the issues faced by the community and develops purpose-built solutions. Discussions in the working group revealed a lack of visibility and communication around the status of cargo on-board – the demand for which has been made clear in the OpenCargoLab.

By actively participating in this initiative, CHAMP is ensuring that our industry-leading software solutions can easily integrate with the new generation of cargo aircraft and offer enhanced connectivity and dynamic communication beyond the warehouse and with third parties.  

Marvin Ehrmann, head of Airbus' OpenCargoLab, said: “The OpenCargoLab is an initiative we are extremely proud of, and it has been fantastic to have CHAMP on board as such an enthusiastic and innovative collaborator. This is a powerful thought-leading platform, and we look forward to co-creating solutions for the air cargo industry.” 

Lucas Fernandez, VP of innovation and insights, from CHAMP said: “We are extremely honoured to be chosen by Airbus to be selected to collaborate and pro-actively meet the needs of our community, and that’s exactly what the OpenCargoLab facilitates.”