iGA Istanbul Airport Launches Türkiye's First Airport 'Cargo Shareholder Platform'

Nov. 10, 2023
The Airport 'Cargo Stakeholder Platform' will facilitate the digitalization of air cargo procedures and the gathering of all cargo stakeholders in a digital setting.

iGA Istanbul Airport continues to lead the industry with new initiatives in the air transportation sector with the aim of becoming the regional cargo transit center for the world's leading cargo companies.

Having the unique advantage of being an important transit hub for global cargo and logistics operations and benefiting from its strategic position spanning both the European and Asian continents, iGA Istanbul Airport announced the launch of the nation’s first Airport 'Cargo Stakeholder Platform', which will facilitate the digitalization of air cargo procedures and the gathering of all cargo stakeholders in a digital setting. 

With the Airport Cargo Stakeholder Platform (KPP), stakeholders such as agencies, airlines, transporters, temporary warehouses, ground service companies and customs agencies will be offered the opportunity to digitize all cargo-related processes through a single system, thereby shortening cargo delivery times, accelerating processes and reducing costs by increasing capacity usage and efficiency in all processes.

Designed by India-based Kale Logistics Solutions, a leading global provider in the field of airport digital cargo systems, Airport KPP's implementation and customer services will be undertaken by TroyNet, which has developed a digital logistics model for Türkiye. 

Speaking on the subject, Selahattin Bilgen, acting CEO of iGA Istanbul Airport, stated that Istanbul is a critical air cargo connection point and they “are determined to develop and expand [their] air cargo network.”

“The launch of the Airport KPP is an important milestone in providing best-in-class services to our customers and stakeholders. With our cutting-edge cargo city and the technology that supports it, we want to secure our place in the industry as one of the world's leading global transfer hubs. With this system to be implemented in cooperation with Kale Logistics Solutions and TroyNet, we will establish a digital infrastructure to promote digital trading, simplifying business procedures and ensure that shipments are made more quickly with the lowest cost possible,” Bilgen said. 

Vineet Malhotra, Kale Logistics Solutions director and co-founder said: “We are delighted to partner with iGA Istanbul Airport in this strategic initiative that will transform cargo operations with technological agility. With more than a decade of experience in the industry and by working with more than 100 air cargo stations, Kale helps airports transform into smart logistics centers. Airport KPP will contribute to increasing the air cargo volume, as well as the import and export volume of iGA Istanbul Airport and Türkiye in general, by creating digital business models, seamless customer experiences and optimized value chains." 

TroyNet CEO and co-founder Dr. Emre Serpen commented: “We are very pleased with iGA's decision to implement this exciting project together with our partner, Kale. The Airport KPP will contribute to the growth of Türkiye's air cargo and logistics center by having a positive impact on all stakeholders. We expect that our joint efforts shorten delivery times and improve efficiency and capacity utilization, creating a platform for further growth of the industry."