LATAM Cargo Doubles its Supply During the Valentine's Day Period

Feb. 17, 2022

Feb. 17, 2022 - LATAM Cargo carried more than 15,500 tons of fresh flowers from Colombia and Ecuador during the 2022 Valentine’s Day season, equivalent to a 16 percent increase compared to the previous season (13,200 tons).

This positive result was made possible by doubling the regular supply in order to face the high demand created between Jan. 17 and Feb. 6 due to Valentine’s Day, one of the peak flower export periods, together with Mother’s Day.

“We owe this positive result to our ongoing collaborative work with our vendors and customers, reflecting their trust in our services during a critical period for their business. We spent weeks of intense planning to come up with solutions of excellence for their businesses in terms of capacity, operation, and service,” said Desirée Aramburú, international sales manager of LATAM Cargo for Colombia and Ecuador.

More than 260 LATAM Cargo flights took off from Bogota, Medellin and Quito, transporting fresh flowers to the main consumption destinations. In Colombia, the supply doubled from 28 to 56 flights during the peak season, totaling 9,200 tons of flowers (mostly roses, carnations and chrysanthemums) destined for Miami, from where they were distributed across North America.

In Ecuador, the company almost tripled its supply, moving from the usual 11 flights to 33 during the Valentine’s Day season. This increase allowed for the transport of more than 6,340 tons of flowers, notably roses and mini roses, to Miami (U.S.) and Amsterdam (Netherlands).

“During this year, the company will receive three cargo aircraft as part of the growth plan announced in 2021. Although their assigned markets have not been defined yet, the company and our customers are able to foresee even more auspicious future seasons,” concluded Aramburú.