The 4K 2nd Gen. PlaneSkate by Disabled Aircraft Services

March 8, 2016

Disabled Aircraft services is pleased to release our newest tool to the line of the PlaneSkate. The 4K 2nd Gen. The 2nd Gen. debuts a new tray design built to accommodate for lower-profile aircraft wheel struts, as well as an easy-leader on the winch to ensure the winch strap is properly retracted when recovering the disabled aircraft.

Designed for aircraft 10,000lbs gross weight or less, the 4K 2nd Gen. will reduce runway closure time due to an aircraft flat tire to less than 10 minutes. Weighing in at nearly 300lbs, it is the most durable aircraft flat tire dolly on the market.

The 2nd Gen. easily accommodates aircraft with wheel fairings, lower-profile struts, tail wheel aircraft, and most aircraft variants weighing less than 10,000lbs gross weight.

Built with the worst weather conditions in mind, the 2nd Gen. 4K takes on any hard-surface runway, taxiway, or ramp to keep your airport running efficiently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Keep That Runway Open” with a 4K 2nd Gen. PlaneSkate by Disabled Aircraft Services, LLC.