Paragon Aviation Group Continues FBO Safety Efforts in 2024

Dec. 11, 2023
Each FBO and handling location in the Paragon Network must maintain NATA Safety 1st Certified status, IS-BAH Certified status, or uphold an equivalent program certification.

Safety is one of the five pillars that Paragon Aviation Group considers mandatory for its FBOs to possess. Along with quality, reliability, value and service, each FBO and handling location in The Paragon Network must maintain NATA Safety 1st certified status, IS-BAH certified status or uphold an equivalent program certification.

Paragon continues its unwavering commitment to safety by funding an Online Safety Officer (OSO) Program for all network FBOs worldwide for the fourth consecutive year. The OSO Program provides consistent, industry-leading safety communication, training, and regulatory compliance through monthly safety meetings. Regardless of the FBO’s size, staffing level, or stage of SMS, the program offers a complete framework for an effective safety promotion and communication program meeting several IS-BAH and SMS requirements. 

Paragon Preferred Strategic Partner, Polaris Aero, will lead the OSO Program for 2024. Polaris Aero provides intelligence software and services to simplify and streamline safety for line personnel, safety managers, and operation management. Their VOCUS cloud-based platform apps offer comprehensive safety management system (SMS) e-learning, advanced risk assessment, and next-generation safety management systems. 

Paragon is also actively encouraging FBO members to complete the annual Gulfstream Ground Handling and Service Training. Gulfstream, in association with FlightSafety International, has meticulously developed online courses tailored for line service technicians, covering all models of large-cabin Gulfstream and mid-cabin Gulfstream aircraft. The training focuses on enhancing awareness of aircraft safety protocols during servicing, thereby ensuring improved dispatch reliability and operational efficiency. 

“Paragon’s commitment to safety is an investment in our members,” said Megan Barnes, president of Paragon Aviation Group. “I want our members to have the support they need not only to remain in compliance, but ensure their teams’ training requirements are met consistently. We are proud to work with safety leaders like Polaris Aero, Gulfstream, and FlightSafety International.”