FOD Day at Intercargo

June 23, 2021

Today, Wednesday, June 23, the day of the FOD in Intercargo was celebrated, with a face-to-face conference in Ezeiza in which the Intercargo authorities, operational and administrative personnel, authorities of AA2000, ANAC, PSA and representatives of airlines participated.

Under the slogan "FOD is everyone's responsibility," during the day an awareness talk was given about the importance of FOD for the entire airport community, by Damian Boccaccio, Intercargo's chief operating officer; Pablo Almiron, head of security and Intercargo operational officer; Domingo Covella, ANAC; Ricardo Palazón, ANAC operational safety manager; and Gustavo Nievas, AA2000 operational safety chief.

This day, which was broadcast live for the stopovers in the interior of the country and airline personnel both in Argentina and in other countries, is one of the activities that will take place during the week of June 22 to 25, the week of FOD at Intercargo.