Air Cargo Infrastructure Investment Firm Ventus and Sky Logistica Acquire Prague Airport's Leading Handler Skyport

April 28, 2021

Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Wednesday April 28, 2021: Infrastructure investment firm Ventus LLC and Singapore company Sky Logistica Pte. Ltd. have today acquired Prague-based Skyport a.s., a central European air cargo infrastructure company.

Skyport is the leading cargo handler at Prague Airport in the Czech Republic and also has operations in Bratislava and Košice, both in Slovakia.

Skyport operates in a modern semi-automated airside facility and processes more than half of all air cargo passing through Prague Airport.

The airside cargo handling facility in which Skyport operates was acquired by Singapore-headquartered Elite Logistics Fund in connection with the acquisition of Skyport by Ventus and Sky Logistica.

“The last 12 months have proved the importance of air cargo infrastructure as a strategic component of global trade," said Andy Popovich, chief executive officer, Ventus.

"Investing in automated facilities and modern operations is the future of this industry and we are excited to work with our institutional capital partners to further invest in this asset class.

“Skyport has huge potential for growth and we are focused on optimizing the existing facilities and unlocking additional capacity by deploying technology to enhance operations."