LUG Opens COVID-19 Testing Center at Frankfurt Airport

April 19, 2021
"With the on-site COVID-19 testing center, employers at Frankfurt Airport can now easily meet the new legal requirements for mandatory test offers," says Nina Strippel, COO of LUG in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt/Main, April, 2021 ― Effective Saturday, April 17, 2021, the CargoCity South at Frankfurt Airport features a COVID-19 testing center, offering an opportunity for rapid Antigen and PCR tests. The facility is open to the public including employees, visitors, customers and service providers. The testing center was established on the initiative of the medical laboratory service provider InVitaGO GmbH with the support of LUG aircargo handling GmbH in record time and with great commitment. The innovative air freight handler has been based in the CargoCity South for almost 25 years and has provided the facilities for the project without following any commercial aims. The testing center is operated by InVitaGO GmbH, which already manages several testing centres in Germany. The concept provides a professional "drive-in" solution for cars and a walk-in alternative.


Occupational Safety has Priority

Protecting the workforce is a major challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies based in the CargoCity South are classified as essential to the economy. Their operational employees cannot pack pallets and handle cargo flights by working from home. Rather, they have to ensure 24/7 operation on site. Due to the virus mutations, the risk of infection has increased significantly since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, and the protection of employees has become even more important. Since March 2020, LUG has had a special crisis team in charge of preventive measures against COVID-19 infections. Numerous investments were made, operational groups were separated, and the measures were repeatedly adapted to continuously changing governmental regulations. LUG has already organized various testing campaigns during which employees were able to take a rapid Antigen or PCR test on site.


Drive-in Tests for All

The idea for a public testing center emerged from these testing campaigns. The testing center is operated by the laboratory medical service provider InVitaGO. It is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. to start with. Opening hours may be adjusted if necessary. An appointment for a test must be booked in advance on the website Confirmation of the registration and the time slot are sent in the form of a QR code to the mobile device of the person requesting the test. Within 15 minutes after an antigen rapid test the result is transmitted to the same mobile device. If the test result is positive, the PCR smear required in such cases can be taken straight away in the testing center. The result is transmitted via an interface to the DEMIS (German Epidemiological Reporting and Information System) of the RKI (Robert-Koch-Institute). This means that the test samples are not transported through Germany in a time-consuming manner, but are evaluated directly at the airport. Thus, the test persons and their employers can be informed very quickly in the event of a suspected COVID-19 infection.


Win-Win Situation

“We are very proud to be able to make a contribution to public health with the new Covid-19 testing centre. It also strengthens Frankfurt’s standing as a well-functioning airport,” says Nina Strippel, COO of LUG in Frankfurt.

“Everyone working in logistics here at Frankfurt Airport is working very hard and has achieved great things in the past year - and they continue to do so every day under difficult conditions. We need to protect their health. We have therefore put a lot of energy into this project and brought it to a start in a very short time. This has only been possible due to our long experience, the great cooperation between all companies involved, as well as the support of government offices,” she adds. 

“We are very happy that LUG provided such great support for this project,” says Christian Howaldt, managing director, InVitaGO GmbH.

“Thanks to this partnership and the uncomplicated approach of LUG, we can now offer the cargo community here in Frankfurt an opportunity to test for COVID-19 and evaluate the laboratory results on-site.” "With the on-site COVID-19 testing center, employers at Frankfurt Airport can now easily meet the new legal requirements for mandatory test offers," says Strippel.