WFS Plays a Crucial Role in Refueling Freighters in Hong Kong

April 21, 2020
The Worldwide Flight Service team in Hong Kong is currently refueling on average 40 freighters a day, a total of 280 flights per week.

As market leader for the refueling of freighters in Hong Kong, Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) is playing an even more vital role since the outbreak of coronavirus, using all of its expertise to support the significant increase in the number of freighter charter services and cargo-only flights operated by passenger aircraft.

The team in Hong Kong is currently refueling on average 40 freighters a day, a total of 280 flights per week. Many of these cargo flights are carrying essential medical equipment and other time-critical supplies to help protect healthcare workers and treat COVID-19 patients in communities around the world.

James Carey, regional managing director for WFS in Hong Kong, praised the team for their commitment in meeting this increased level of demand, despite the current health risks, to perform a critical role in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, whilst also ensuring the highest standards of operational safety and security.

“COVID-19 is wreaking havoc across the globe and WFS Fueling is playing a critical role in ensuring that these freighters are fueled and ready to depart on-time, carrying urgently needed supplies to every corner of the world. I am very proud of our operators and management team for their ongoing dedication and support for our customers,” he said.

The health, safety and security of employees, and their operating environment, remains WFS’ number one priority. In Hong Kong, the WFS team have been provided with protective face masks and undertake mandatory body temperature checks prior to the start of each shift. WFS has also arranged for an outdoor rest area in accordance with social distancing guidelines, while bleach and other disinfecting materials are being used to ensure the cleanliness of fuel dispenser cabs. For management and back offices, the frequency of workstation cleaning has been increased and, weather permitting, all windows within the fueling building are being opened to promote air circulation. Hand sanitizers are available throughout the premises and daily shift briefings always cover basic health and hygiene measures, such as frequent hand washing.  

With over 20 years’ experience in refueling operations and certified in quality and environmental management (ISO9001 and ISO14001 respectively), the team in Hong Kong provides safe and efficient into-plane refueling and defueling services. In normal conditions, it refuels approximately 32 percent of all aircraft in Hong Kong for 58 airline customers, servicing 70,000 flights annually.

WFS also provides a range of other airport passenger services at Hong Kong International Airport, including VIP meet & greet, electric buggy shuttles, as well as packing, porter and baggage delivery services, and wheelchair assistance.