AviationPros Podcast: Unifi's Journey with Artificial Intelligence Technology

Feb. 10, 2023
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Josh Smith, editor of Ground Support Worldwide, is joined by Paul Huggins and Terry Smith of Artis Consulting  as well Unifi SVP of safety and compliance Brian Bartal to discuss how the the ground handling firm is utilizing advanced safety risk analytics to improve operational efficiencies.


Ground Handlers & Service Providers

Unifi Collaborates with Microsoft and Artis Consulting to Apply Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Data Modeling to Its Ground Safety Operations

Jan. 18, 2023
Used to identify and assess future safety risks, the two-phase system helps predict what might happen and addresses steps to change the outcome.
Ground Handlers & Service Providers

Unifi Aviation

Jan. 10, 2022
Unifi is the largest aviation services provider in North America servicing more than 1 million flights each year. With over 20,000 valued employees across more than 200 locations...