Zurich Airport Ltd. Will Take Over Service for Passengers with Restricted Mobility in January 2025

Sept. 14, 2023

In Switzerland, passengers with restricted mobility are entitled to be accompanied at airports. To date, the airport operator in Zurich outsourced this service to third parties. From 2025, Zurich Airport Ltd. will perform this service itself, previously provided by Goldair AAS Assistance AG, and will take over the company’s 120 or so employees.

Goldair AAS Assistance AG will continue to perform the service for passengers with restricted mobility (PRM) travelling via Zurich Airport until the end of 2024. At that point, its current five-year contract will expire, and Zurich Airport Ltd. will take over the PRM service. To date, Zurich Airport Ltd. only had employees of its own at the PRM pick-up points. By providing the service with its own employees, the services can be better managed and optimizations in the collaboration with other services of Zurich Airport Ltd. can be achieved.

The PRM services will be assigned to the Aviation Division within Zurich Airport Ltd.

Around 250,000 PRMs are estimated for the current operating year in 2023, which amounts to just under 1% of the total passenger volume. People whose mobility is restricted due to an impairment or because of their age are entitled to PRM assistance. This service is available free of charge to these people. The service is financed by a solidarity contribution of one franc per passenger from airport charges.

Responsibility for PRMs was transferred to the airport operators in Switzerland in accordance with an EU regulation from 2009. The service can be either provided by the airport operator itself or transferred to a service provider after a public tender.