Lufthansa Introduces 'Tasting Heimat'

Sept. 7, 2021
Regional German dishes bring the taste of home on board.

deSter, a leading supplier of airline equipment, introduces Tasting Heimat, Lufthansa’s new continental business class meal concept. Passengers will discover the traditional cuisine, newly invented, of different German metropolises. deSter and Gate Gourmet, which are part of gategroup, partnered with the airline to create a unique food and equipment experience with a focus on sustainability, in line with their mission of “creating sustainable food and travel experiences.”

Lufthansa and deSter have a longstanding relationship, and Tasting Heimat was developed in collaboration between Lufthansa, Gate Gourmet and deSter. All the equipment was designed to create a unique customer experience while assuring operational requirements are met. Combining global trends with the DNA of Lufthansa and with a strong focus on sustainability, Tasting Heimat is an integrated concept of food and equipment that elevates the onboard dining experience.

Regarding sustainability, two key aspects were considered:

• Material Selection: all paper products are made of either PaperWise, FSC certified / recycled paper; disposable plastics needed for hygiene reasons are made from recycled PET;

• Product Design and Supply Chain: re-usable equipment is used for the majority of the concept, reducing waste and enhancing the appeal of the products; most of the items are produced in Germany, EU or Turkey resulting in a short supply chain with lower CO2 emissions;

Klaus Berger, head of hospitality and catering management at Lufthansa, said, “Tasting Heimat is another example of the successful collaboration between Lufthansa and deSter and a great start for the partnership with gategroup. We are confident that our passengers will love the concept.”

Florian von Oertzen of deSter said, “We are always excited to create new products for Lufthansa and help enhance the passenger experience. This project was carried out in record time and under adverse conditions, highlighting the benefits of the close collaboration between all teams.”

The concept was introduced on Lufthansa planes on Sept. 1.

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