TITAN Aviation Fuels Celebrates Successful First Year in Europe

May 22, 2023

With the addition of more sales executives, an expanding European customer portfolio, and new growth outside of Europe, the international division of US-headquartered TITAN Aviation Fuels is returning to EBACE in a buoyant mood – Booth S88.

Since opening the doors of the Geneva-based offices, TITAN Aviation Fuels International has garnered an impressive roster of European business aviation operators signing up for the refueler’s services. European clients are embracing the efficiency, reliability, and streamlined offering delivered by the highly experienced team led by respected fueling professionals Daniel Coetzer, chief executive officer, and Valerie Bouthiaux, managing director.

The database of customers includes AOC holders and private operators, optimizing a sophisticated offering combined with ease of doing business. New clients have been attracted by the simplicity of real-time fuel planning, digital quoting, pre-ordering, and purchasing from an extended global network of seventy approved suppliers, security of fueling at competitive pricing, and consistently high levels of service from the TITAN 24/7 customer service team. In addition, TITAN provides operational integration and VAT and MOT management expertise, which is notoriously complex for flight departments and managers to calculate.

Coetzer says, “We are proud of how much business we’ve generated in just over a year, and it confirms our strategy to bring a competitive refueling service to a market that a few key players have historically dominated, is the right choice.  We combine advanced technology and efficiencies with personal relationships, and the European business aviation sector appreciates this singular approach. Our customers understand that while we deliver the benefits of being part of a large company, we excel in providing individual, personalized service.”

The European footprint also provides European and existing North American TITAN customers with a recognized fuel card that strengthens the network of fuel options when travelling internationally. “Our existing customers flying in from North America welcome having a single source for all their fueling needs. This seamless approach enhances their operations, maximizes their budget, and makes operational life much easier.”

TITAN recognizes that sustainability is important for European operators and is committed to supporting the industry’s ambitious plans to reduce carbon emissions. TITAN provides SAF where it is available and offers carbon offset options when it is not. “We are seeing more demand for sustainable aviation fuel from our customers, but supply remains a challenge in Europe, making it difficult to source and expensive. We supply it where we can and encourage operators to consider offsetting options when we can’t. TITAN also provides its own carbon offset program, which our customers can subscribe to.”

Looking to the future TITAN’s expansion plans include extending services to Southern Asia and South America, with a first office already open in Argentina. The new activity will also see the international team making its debut attendance at international events, including LABACE in August in Brazil and the European event ACE to be held at London, Biggin Hill Airport in September.

“We have an impressive offering with an intuitive digital platform delivering real-time fuel pricing, comparisons, and quotes, integration capabilities with operational software and a multilingual team which ensures painless purchasing from around the globe. We want to be able to raise industry fuel standards by bringing these efficiencies to an extended international audience,” concludes Coetzer.