APP Jet Center Hayward Expands Fueling Options with Greener UL94 Avgas

March 13, 2023
APP Jet Center is the only FBO at Hayward Executive Airport providing UL94 avgas as well as 100LL.

HAWYARD, Calif., March 10, 2023 – APP Jet Center, a company of fixed-based operations (FBOs) at strategically located U.S. airports, is pleased to announce that its FBO at Hayward Executive Airport (HWD) in California has expanded its fuel offerings to include UL94, a new unleaded aviation gas (avgas) that is safer for the environment. APP Jet Center is the only FBO at HWD providing this advanced product. APP continues to offer low leaded avgas 100LL as well.

“With the current excitement over unleaded avgas, we are very pleased to offer aviators a more environmentally friendly option for fueling their aircraft, furthering our commitment to leading aviation down the greenest path available,” Dan Harrow, CEO of APP Jet Center, said. 

In February 2022, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced an initiative to eliminate the use of leaded avgas for by piston-engined aircraft by 2030. UL94 is an innovative product because, unlike avgas 100LL, the most commonly used aviation fuel, it does not contain tetraethyllead, a leaded fuel additive.

Tom Panico, general manager of APP Jet Center Hayward, said: “We’re proud to offer a greener alternative for our customers and to keep pace with industry efforts to protect the environment. APP is committed to making aviation safer.”