Biofuel Firm Gevo Enters Sales Agreement With Aer Lingus Airline

July 13, 2022

Dublin — US renewable chemicals company Gevo Inc announced a fuel sales agreement with Irish flag carrier Aer Lingus for an expected value of $173 million.

With the deal, Aer Lingus can purchase 6.3 million gallons (23.85 million litres) of sustainable aviation fuel per year, for five years, from Gevo's future commercial operations.

Aer Lingus expects to begin fuelling its aircraft with sustainable aviation fuel from Gevo in 2026.

"The sustainable aviation fuel produced by Gevo will be used to power our flights from Los Angeles and San Francisco and, from 2026, 50% of fuel purchased by Aer Lingus from California will be sustainable aviation fuel," Aer Lingus CEO Lynne Embleton said.

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