Baggage Handler Sues Over Alleged Electric Shock at Dublin Airport

Oct. 12, 2015
The 29-year-old baggage handler says he was struck to ground and unable to call for help when a shock went up arms.

The Irish Times is reporting that Keith Doyle, a 29-year-old baggage handler on a three-month contract, is suing for damages following an electric shock incident when Doyle plugged his truck in for charging.

According to the Irish Times, Doyle says that "he was stuck to the ground and unable to shout after an electric shock went up his arms."

Doyle says he initially felt fortunate to not have long-term injuries following the shock, but that he has suffered from panic attacks that have resulted in "intense fear, despair and chest pains" in the insuing months.

Doyle has followed suit against the Dublin Airport Authority; Sky Handling Partner, Corballis Business Park, the company he worked for; and TCR Ireland, Corballis Business Park, Dublin Airport - the lessor of the baggage truck. All defendant parties deny Doyle's claims.