How Aviation Businesses are Finding Success with SMS

May 14, 2024
Data collected in the 2024 Ground Support Worldwide SMS Report highlights the positive impact safety management systems have on company culture.

By formalizing the way a business recognizes and reduces risk, a safety management system (SMS) allows an organization to take a detailed approach to safety policy and procedures and comprehensively address other aspects of safety – a vital priority in ground support.

Findings of Ground Support Worldwide’s recent SMS research survey indicates the adoption rate of safety management systems is continuing to grow.

In fact, more than 60 percent of those surveyed indicated their company’s SMS is fully implemented. Another 16.79 percent stated their SMS is partially implemented while another 10.69 percent noted their SMS is in the planning stages.

Industry regulations and mandates was the most-selected reason for adopting an SMS. However, respondents also identified SMS as a solution for meeting internal company goals (47.31 percent) and as a way to demonstrate responsibility to customers (46.24 percent). Another 15 percent of respondents witnessed the success of other organizations’ SMS, and elected to pursue their own safety management system.

Less than 10 percent of survey participants stated they have no plans to adopt an SMS. These participants’ reasons varied. However, a need for more information about SMS and better support from company leaders were frequently selected responses. These participants also noted that more education about SMS basics and additional financial resources to apply to SMS adoption were the most likely ways to persuade their companies to pursue an SMS.

The complete copy of the 2024 Ground Support Worldwide SMS Report details personnel responsible for SMS, training methods and frequency, the effectiveness of SMS on company culture and more. The report can be accessed at

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