Ground Support Spotlight: Jo Alex Tanem

Feb. 27, 2024
The CEO at Aviator Airport Alliance has remained engaged with the industry thanks to its dynamic atmosphere and interesting people.
Aviator Airport Alliance
Jo Alex Tanem
Jo Alex Tanem

Name: Jo Alex Tanem

Job Title: CEO

Company: Aviator Airport Alliance

Location: Stockholm, Sweden


Years with current company: 8

Previous employers in the industry: Phoenix East Aviation, Archer Aviation


Ground Support Worldwide: What attracted you to a career in the ground support industry? 
JAT: I've always loved aviation. I trained as a pilot many years ago, and served 15 months in the Air Force.

GSW: What has kept you engaged in the industry? 
JAT: The dynamic atmosphere and very interesting people.

GSW: What’s the best advice you’ve been given while working in this field? 
JAT: "Never let a good crisis go to waste." I know it’s a Churchill quote, but with all the crises we’ve seen the Gulf crisis, 9/11, Iceland volcano, COVID it’s very important to meet any crisis head-on and take advantage of the doors that open while most doors get shut.

GSW: How have you seen the ground support industry change the most during your career?
JAT: Efficiency demands, shorter ground stops, higher tempo in basically everything, environmental focus and self-service on the passenger side.

GSW: Have these changes been to the benefit or detriment of the industry?
JAT: A benefit for the industry, as a whole, and definitely to the benefit of the travelers. But it puts a strain on ground operations.

GSW: What’s the next big thing coming to the ground support industry? 
JAT: Standardized regulations.

GSW: What type of an impact will it make?
JAT: Hopefully more similar processes and procedures between the airlines.

GSW: What would you say to encourage someone to join the ground support industry? 
JAT: This must be one of the most challenging, vibrant and fun industries to work in!