Go Rentals is First Automotive Company to Complete NATA Safety 1st Training Program

Dec. 14, 2023
Go Rentals will be the first company to complete the new NATA Safety 1st auto industry-specific courses. 

Go Rentals, the only Forbes Travel Guide Elite Car Rental company, has today announced their commitment to a new, automotive-focused National Air Transportation Association (NATA) Safety 1st Training Program. NATA is recognized as the industry leader in general and business aviation ground handling training for more than 30 years. Go Rentals will be the first company to complete the new NATA Safety 1st auto industry-specific courses. 

NATA Safety 1st, widely recognized for its aviation safety certifications, has developed an innovative set of automotive courses, defining a new industry safety standard for ground transportation. The comprehensive certification process involves a rigorous training curriculum and thorough evaluation of the company’s entire fleet, operational procedures and personnel. 

“We’re extremely excited that NATA has developed a new Safety 1st certification specifically for automotive companies,” said Kaye Gitibin, CEO of Go Rentals. “At Go Rentals we create a specialized, luxury experience that exceeds the needs of travelers, which means unparalleled quality, convenience and safety. We understand safety is paramount in the aviation industry and believe the automotive industry should operate with the same values. Given our focus on serving the aviation industry and the unique needs of private jet travelers, these courses are a huge asset to our team and business.” 

“NATA Safety 1st is continuing the advancement of safety standards for ground transportation, and we’re thrilled to be the first in our industry to achieve this new standard. Go Rentals delivers a unique and in-demand experience for travelers, which requires excellence in safety above all else. With this new certification, knowing Go Rentals is the only rental car company to have completed this program, our clients and aviation partners will have extra reassurance that Go Rentals delivers top-tier service across all areas of the business," added Noël Bahamón, CMO of Go Rentals.

Go Rentals specializes in delivering luxury car rental services to business and leisure travelers with a convenient experience including planeside private jet pickup services, an unrivaled fleet and high-touch, attentive service. The completion of the new NATA Safety 1st certification underscores the company's commitment to integrating meticulous safety practices into the luxury travel experience.