Go Rentals Partners With NuVinAir To Bring Clean and Healthy Vehicle Interiors to Their Luxury-Automotive Rentals at 66 Nationwide Locations

Oct. 19, 2022

NuVinAir, which offers an innovative suite of proprietary products that safely and effectively create clean and healthy vehicle interiors, announced October 19 its partnership with Go Rentals. The collaboration will provide NuVinAir's proprietary and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to 66 of Go Rentals' locations. Since launching its franchise-supported model in 2019, NuVinAir has offered a unique product portfolio for the automotive industry, recently catering to the rental-car segment, driven by cleaning innovation and patented technology.

"Our mission is to raise the bar in standardizing clean and healthy interiors. By ensuring all Go Rentals' vehicles are cleaned with NuVinAir's pioneering products, we reinforce confidence in their discerning customers every time they step foot inside their luxury rental," said Kyle Bailey, NuVinAir's CEO and founding partner. "For the past 20 years, Go Rentals has been offering an unparalleled customer experience to their high-end clientele, and partnering with us to deliver pristine rentals deepens their level of dedication."

A fellow industry-first company like NuVinAir, Go Rentals is also a family-owned business. Throughout the rest of the year, Go Rentals will continue to strategically consider new markets to meet Go Rentals' guests' demands. In 2022, Go Rentals added 18 locations to its portfolio.

"We are proud to include NuVinAir's cleaning innovation to elevate our personalized Go Rentals experience," said Kaye Gitibin, CEO of Go Rentals. "Through this partnership, our guests will enjoy exceptional service and the confidence of a healthy vehicle interior throughout their travels."