FBO Partners Safety Subscription Program Supports FBO IS-BAH Certification

Dec. 7, 2020

FBO Partners, an aviation consultancy providing business management advisory services to Fixed Base Operations (FBOs) has released its 2021 Online Safety Officer (OSO) Program schedule, newly aligned to include all elements of the IS-BAH Standard required for FBO’s seeking the global safety certification. The OSO Program is designed for FBO safety and training leaders to better facilitate safety initiatives and share safety critical information with their workforce, while fostering communication within a Safety Management System (SMS) of any maturity level.

Senior Associate Patrick Moylan, who heads the firm’s OSO Program, said, “Whether an FBO is already certified or is preparing its organization for a future certification audit, participation in the OSO program ensures all elements of IS-BAH are reviewed on a regular, reasonable schedule, rather than attempting to complete an entire certification effort ‘all at once.’ This is much more likely to produce the benefits of SMS as it provides appropriate time for employees and managers to review and understand a small number of SMS concepts, allowing them to develop required procedures before moving on to the next elements.”

For FBOs already IS-BAH certified  – or those seeking certification from IBAC  – the alignment of the OSO program to the IS-BAH standard for 2021 provides an inexpensive, predictable and consistent methodology for conformance of the ongoing requirements of the standard. Terry Yeomans, program director of IS-BAH for the International Business Aviation Council agreed, adding "IBAC has reviewed the FBO Partners’ OSO Program, and the topics covered align to the basic elements of IS-BAH Audit standards, including SMS pillars, occupational health and safety topics, regulatory compliance, and others."

General Manager Julie O’Brien of ProJet Aviation in Leesburg, VA (JYO), a Paragon Aviation Group member and early adopter of the OSO Program member notes the OSO Program is “fantastic,” adding, “The [OSO] program meets our OSHA requirements, keeps us on track for our future IS-BAH rating, and facilitates thoughtful discussions for our Safety Committee. The materials are easy to understand and broken down into monthly segments which make it easy to digest. I am thankful to have these resources and expert advice, at my fingertips."

As part of its new promotion, FBO Partners’ OSO Program documents and the virtual safety meeting is free for the month of December for FBOs. The virtual safety meeting, held Dec. 9 from 1-2pm Eastern includes guest speaker Terry Yeomans, IS-BAH program director for IBAC.