EPIC Fuels Wraps Up Tour to Encourage Flying and Celebrate its FBO Partners

Sept. 3, 2020

Inclement weather caused some last-minute adjustments in Anthony Oshinuga’s 6,000-nautical-mile, 18-day Reach Tour, but it is wrapping up beautifully.

“We expected this to be EPIC, and it was an adventure,” says Oshinuga, longtime EPIC Fuels ambassador, world-class aerobatics pilot and racing champion. The tour began and ends in San Diego and included 44 FBOs in 21 states. “Everywhere I went, I felt hope and passion – people ready to fly again. Ready to Reach for the Sky. I also saw the hardworking people on the ground who make this possible. Safely.”

Eighty-year-strong EPIC Fuels, a global supplier of aviation fuels and services, sponsored the tour as a thank you to FBO partners for the essential services they provide and to help reignite the economy by encouraging people to fly.

“As a pilot myself, I’ve found that the very act of flying changes your perspective,” says Marius Ronge, president of EPIC Fuels and Signature Select. “Perhaps that’s what draws me to this industry. It attracts optimists, people who believe in possibility and making things happen. The Reach tour was well received and the signal of optimism and support the industry needed right now.”

Throughout the tour, Oshinuga held small meet-and-greets and presented special COVID-related care packages to FBOs. Their branded masks and sanitizers underscore FBO safety protocols that help make it safe for people to fly again. Oshinuga’s red-and-white, custom Pitts Special S-1S, single-seat biplane attracts attention in the sky and on the ground. So, does the man himself. The Nigerian-born aviation enthusiast shares his belief in aviation with all he meets – online and off.