Signature Select Member FBO Sun Air Jets Completes 144-Month Inspection on Gulfstream G550

May 12, 2020
Sun Air Jets recently completed a large-scale maintenance inspection on a client's Gulfstream G550.

Sun Air Jets recently completed a large-scale maintenance inspection on a client's Gulfstream G550 (G500). The project included 12/24/36/48/72 and 144-month inspections, which involves disassembling portions of the aircraft, including the landing gear, fuselage, interior and tail section, a detailed inspection of all applicable parts and structure, operational checks, and then reassembling the aircraft for return to service.

As the industry faces a decreased demand for private jet charter flights, the maintenance department seized the opportunity to perform this intensive maintenance event. Completion of this significant project is a testament to Sun Air Jets' world-class maintenance capabilities, flexibility, and in-house experience.

The team is also performing similar maintenance projects on other aircraft to ensure clients' assets are adequately maintained, up to date on aircraft inspections, and ready to fly when requested. "Aircraft owners are looking at their schedules for the rest of the year and are choosing to utilize the current slowdown to conduct large scale maintenance events, helping free up the plane for the rest of the year. We schedule all other minor maintenance events around the owners' normal schedule, minimizing the required downtime for scheduled maintenance," said Rob Cox, EVP of maintenance for Sun Air Jets.

Sun Air Jets' aircraft owners receive exclusive access to the maintenance department, which includes trained Gulfstream technicians. As a Part 145 repair station, the department is also fully integrated with its safety management system, having achieved all four major industry safety standards, and provides unmatched rates to aircraft owners. Contact Sun Air Jets' factory-trained maintenance department today to learn more about their Gulfstream and other airframe specialties.