Forbes Travel Guide and Jet Linx Forge Exclusive Partnership in Private Aviation

Sept. 12, 2019
Jet Linx to implement Forbes Travel Guide’s standards of service excellence in all operations.

Forbes Travel Guide and Jet Linx, the preeminent private jet management and Jet Card membership company in the U.S., announced a groundbreaking and unprecedented strategic partnership. The collaboration will exclusively enable Jet Linx to establish and implement Forbes Travel Guide’s preeminent and unparalleled standards of service excellence in private aviation, as well as to collaborate with FTG in the creation of customized, proprietary Jet Linx standards of service excellence. The joint announcement was made by Filip Boyen, chief executive officer of Forbes Travel Guide and Jamie Walker, president and chief executive officer of Jet Linx.

Mr. Boyen said, “This partnership is a gamechanger for private aviation and will set a necessary benchmark for the industry.  Our 60 years of expertise in leading with excellence lends itself not just to hospitality but to every industry that wants to cultivate an excellent service culture, so we are excited to support Jet Linx in its path to even greater success.”

The first phase of the partnership will entail FTG comprehensively assessing and training all client services personnel in Jet Linx 18 base terminal locations, including its National Operations Center in Omaha, Nebraska, both with regard to pre-flight and post-flight standards of service excellence. Concurrently, FTG and Jet Linx will collaborate to create unique and proprietary standards of service excellence that encompass those of both Jet Linx and FTG. The first phase will conclude with the assessment and training of all Jet Linx flight crews to establish inflight standards of service excellence. On an ongoing basis thereafter, Jet Linx has appointed FTG to reevaluate and requalify all client services and flight personnel in its National Operations Center, as well as in each of its base terminal locations throughout the country, to ensure that each and every Jet Linx team member consistently embraces and upholds FTG’s standards of service excellence.

“Our industry has extensive regulatory and operational standards for companies to comply with, but it has never set a customer service standard — until now.  Our groundbreaking partnership with Forbes Travel Guide will transform the private jet travel industry and set an unrivaled standard of service excellence for our clients; the same service excellence they’ve come to expect from the finest Five-Star hotels, restaurants and spas around the world,” said Mr. Walker.