Swift Fuels’ Unleaded Avgas UL94 Available in Waco at Texas Aero

Sept. 9, 2019
UL94 momentum continues as a Premier FBO expands the footprint of unleaded aviation gasoline offered in Texas.

Swift Fuels, LLC announced that Texas Aero at Waco Regional Airport is now offering Swift’s UL94 unleaded aviation gasoline for its piston aircraft customers and for use in Texas Aero’s flight school client - Universal Flight Concepts. Texas Aero is a branded Avfuel customer and this is an opportunity for Avfuel Corporation to further demonstrate its commitment to unleaded avgas. 

For Swift Fuels  the nationwide transition away from 100LL (leaded avgas) in favor of unleaded avgas continues to increase momentum. Texas Aero has committed to making that transition a reality to expand their offering of quality services, as well to help the community the airport supports.

Barry Johnson, vice president of operations at Texas Aero, had this to say, “Offering UL94 to our customers is a key differentiator compared to many nearby FBO’s that only sell 100LL (leaded) avgas. This premium unleaded fuel affords our flight school client a superior cost advantage over others by extending our Lycoming engine maintenance to 100-hour oil change intervals vs. typical 25- or 50-hour intervals. Pilots have been excited ever since we announced our intention to offer this fuel. We believe our transient air traffic wanting to use this fuel will also grow our business.”

Chris D’Acosta, CEO for Swift Fuels also commented, “Swift Fuels’ UL94 is the only commercially-available unleaded avgas in the US, it’s sold nationwide, it’s commercially insured for aviation, and pilots who use it – love it.  Barry Johnson in collaboration with Avfuel have championed this effort working with local pilots to join the progressive nationwide movement toward unleaded avgas.”

D’Acosta added, “We’ve proudly led this multi-year transition away from 100LL since 2015 to educate the market on the key benefits of our low toxicity high-performance unleaded avgas.  This can only happen with the ongoing support of forward-thinking regulators, aircraft/engine OEMs, pilots, airports, municipalities, airport boards and supply chain folks.  Industry leaders like Barry Johnson recognize the growing demand for cleaner fuel for their customers and continue to play an integral role in the transition.  We recognized early on that pilots would value the longer maintenance intervals, less wear-and-tear on engines, less corrosion, longer sparkplug life, etc. We are extremely proud to have our UL94 avgas available for piston aircraft use at Texas Aero,” said D’Acosta.