Pentastar Aviation Ranks Top Fixed-Base Operator in Country by Aviation International News

April 15, 2019

Pentastar Aviation, a leader in the world of business aviation, has been named the top Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) in the Americas by one of the most respected publications in the aviation industry. In fact, the score received in the 2019 AIN FBO Survey from Aviation International News gave Pentastar the #1 ranking in the world as voted by their readers. Customer Service Representative (CSR), Kathy Cortez, was also mentioned in the survey in the Above and Beyond category.

“We know that at the heart of any great business are the employees — and we know our staff is our greatest asset. That’s why we empower them to ensure our customers are completely satisfied,” said Greg Schmidt, President & CEO Pentastar Aviation. “Our team clearly delivered on our commitment to provide world-class customer service on a daily basis in order to earn us this prestigious honor.”

Pentastar Aviation “demonstrates the all-around consistency AIN’s survey respondents look for in their FBO experiences, with Pentastar Aviation ranking among the very top of the three categories: Pilot Amenities, Facilities, and CSRs, and it was one of only two FBOs to score 4.70 (out of a possible 5) or above in all five categories this year,” writes Curt Epstein, AIN. “Pentastar offers a variety of services to its guests, including what is likely the only FBO-operated jetway in the country. It is attached to the Stargate, a separate two-story, 6,000-sq-ft terminal . . . which is also used as the FBO’s secure DCA departure lounge under the DASSP protocol. . . .”

AIN asks its subscribers to evaluate FBOs they have visited in the past year based on five categories — line service, passenger amenities, pilot amenities, facilities and customer service representatives. The current survey process, in which Pentastar has annually been recognized among the top FBOs, provides overall cumulative average scores from 2013 to the present. The survey respondents are also asked to identify specific FBO employees or teams who routinely go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. This year, Kathy Cortez, who has been with Pentastar for almost 17 years, was mentioned in the survey as an Above and Beyond employee.

Pentastar has been the most awarded aviation company in the FBO surveys for over a decade, recognized by those who appreciate their commitment to exceeding the industry standards for both safety and service excellence.